Separation of Goats and Sheep Via Abortion and Homosexuality

sheep and goat

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Linda Wall | Barbwire

It’s been almost forty years since Jesus forgave me of homosexuality, delivered me, healed me and gave me a new life. I realize this kind of dialog is not popular in the day we live, but I have a responsibility to shed light on darkness even if it doesn’t win me a popularity contest. This article is written from my own personal account concerning abortion and homosexuality. Stay with me.

My eyes were opened to clearly see abortion while I was still living a homosexual life. On that day, a small group of us were strolling to a restaurant in the “gay section” of Norfolk, Virginia known as Ghent. Along the sidewalk, a girl was handing out leaflets. I was the only one in the group to take a tract, but that acceptance led me to experience John 8:32 “and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

The subject matter of the tract was the development stages of an unborn baby. As soon as I saw those little feet at 10 weeks old, I knew that abortion was killing a lot more than a glob of tissue!

The fear of God came upon me that I had never known. I wondered why the Creator had not just rained down fire on America for this barbaric practice. It was difficult to accept that unborn babies were being killed, and it was legal. On that day I did not become “born again,” but I did become a pro-life lesbian.

In a few months, I experienced another eye-opening event in my life concerning homosexuality. My lesbian lover and I were in a Virginia Beach mall bookstore. I hadn’t headed to the “Self Help” section, but that’s exactly where I found myself. Little did I know that I was moments away from a Divine Encounter that would answer the question I had been pondering for years: what did God Almighty have to say about homosexuality?

My eyes scanned the book titles in search of something that would grab my attention. A little book so thin that the title could not be printed on its spine sparked my curiosity. I gently pulled it out and when I saw the title, Where to Look in the Bible, I knew something extraordinary was about to happen.

I will always believe that it wasn’t me who opened the book directly to the topic “HOMOSEXUALITY” and these scriptures: Genesis 19:1-38, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Mark 10:6-9, Romans 1:26-28, Romans 1:27, Romans 1:32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11and Jude 1:7, but the power of the Living God through my hands.

I knew how to look up scriptures, but I paused for a moment. I knew once I opened a Bible and read for myself from the “inspired Word of God,” I would have no excuse justifying the kind of life I was living.

One by one, I looked up the references.

Again, the fear of God came upon me, but this time I wanted to run. Where could I hide that the all-seeing eye of the Lord would not find me? It was now settled in my mind and heart, God had revealed His Truth to me in His Word, and I could not be gay and Christian at the same time.

In a matter of weeks, my lesbian relationship ended. And months later, I surrendered to the Lord, asked for forgiveness, turned from my wicked ways and became born again. I was no longer a goat. But now a sheep.

If You Call Yourself “Christian”

Here we stand with a society run by mostly Godless people. We see evil escalating in every direction. But a greater escalation that is occurring is the separation of goats and sheep.

What is your reaction to the recent law allowing babies all the way through nine months to be killed? What is your reaction to men marrying men, and women marrying men? What is your reaction to men who think they are women teaching five-year-old children they may be trapped in the wrong body?

Just because murdering babies and acts against nature and nature’s God become the law of the land, they do not become law for true Bible believers and followers of Christ. Silence on these matters is not an option for them. One cannot serve two masters.

The Creator has made it very clear in His Word, the Bible, how He feels about abortion and sexual perversion. He is recording your reactions and your responses and placing you either among the sheep or the goats. You may call yourself “Christian,” but instead of being a sheep, you may very well be a goat.


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Linda Wall
Linda Wall For almost forty years Linda has been doing missionary work in Virginia. Her assignments have taken her down many political avenues: the Virginia General Assembly, political campaigns, lobbyist, and candidate for Virginia House of Delegates. Linda was delivered from homosexuality by the power of Jesus Christ over thirty-five years ago. She is presently calling for The Church to stand for righteousness and against sexual perversion in this hour. To be the light and salt Christ commanded us to be.