Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally a Huge Success

Craig Johnson Dean Nelson and Don Blake

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The Stand and Pray for Marriage rally was a huge success attracting hundreds of pro traditional marriage and family supporters to the State Capitol grounds and the Federal Court building. Bus loads of supporters lined the sidewalks along both Bank and Main Streets. Special guest speakers spoke to the issue of one man – one woman marriage to much applause of the hundreds gathered in the shade of the trees on the lawn at the Bell Tower on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol.


Craig Johnson Dean Nelson and Don BlakeCraig Johnson-VCA Advisory Board, Rev. Dean Nelson-VCA Board member, and Don Blake-VCA Chairman & PresidentOne Pastor on the grounds commented “when society begins to approve of sin (any sin), that society becomes corrupt”. 

Our elected leaders, our courts, and our government have all become accomplices to the sin of homosexuality.  Opinions don’t matter on this issue.  Human sexuality is a moral issue – not a legal issue. 

All morality is based on God’s law, not man’s law.  God’s law was, is, and forever will be.

4th Circuit Court of Appeals, Richmond, VA






Rev. John Blanchard – ROC Church Pastor, VA Beach and Shak Hill standing among the crowd

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Rev. Dean Nelson – Chairman Frederick Douglass Foundation, & VCA Board member,


Craig Johnson-VCA Advisory Board, Rev. Dean Nelson-VCA Board member, and Don Blake-VCA Chairman & President





Josh Duggar – Executive Dir. Family Research Council Action,

Brian S. Brown – Co-Founder & President, National Organization for Marriage,


Laurie Tryfiate & family, Craig Johnson, Rev. Dean Nelson and Don Blake



Rev. John Blanchard – ROC Church Pastor, Va Beach


Eric Teetsel – Executive Dir. The Manhattan Declaration,

Pastor Calvin Duncan & Mrs. Barbara Duncan



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