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Extraordinary Video and Photography Shows God is in the Details

technology opens extraordinary windows on biological systems once too small to see with our unaided eyes. In this fascinating video, superb microscopic photography reveals some of the hidden wonders that enable butterflies to thrive on earth, while filling our eyes with unforgettable evidence of intelligent design in the living world.

The Miracle of Spiderwebs

A typical garden spiderweb is made of 65 to 195 feet of silk.5 The webs consist of sticky “catching threads”; radial “spokes” for holding the sticky threads; “bridge threads” that act as guy-lines for holding the web up; “signal threads” that inform the spider through vibrations sensed in the legs that prey is in the web;


Enter a living human cell to discover a world of unimaginable precision, complexity and design. 

Measuring less than 2/1000th of an inch in diameter, the cell is packed with molecular machinery that makes life possible. 

These microscopic wonders include our DNA – the genetic code. Through extraordinary computer animation you’ll discover how the more than 18 trillion feet of DNA in your body is organized, stored and processed.

Living Machine: The Hummingbird

Few creatures in the animal kingdom can capture the imagination more powerfully than a hummingbird. Their aeronautical abilities are stunning. But the genius of these…

The Meaning of Man

The Virginia Christian Alliance endorses the Institute of Creation Research “which wants people to know that God’s Word can be trusted in everything it speaks…