Science Confirms the Bible Again in Ground-Breaking Grand Canyon Research

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Ken Ham | Answers in Genesis

Science always confirms the Bible because the Bible’s history is true. And a four-year, in-depth research project by a world-class PhD geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling, once again confirms what we’d expect starting with God’s Word—and confounds evolutionary expectations.

Throughout Grand Canyon, thick rock layers appear which are smoothly bent. Dr. Snelling observes,

Normally, solid rock cannot bend without breaking, so this leaves only two options for bending: either the rock layer was bent while still soft, shortly after being deposited by water, or after the layer had fully hardened, it was bent by pressures which made the rock plastic, like playdough. Geologists who believe the layers were laid down over millions of years accept the latter option.

Now, this is testable. For hardened rock to bend without breaking, it must undergo metamorphic changes in its mineral content and structure, including at the microscopic level. So, Dr. Snelling compared samples from two prominent folds in Grand Canyon, with other samples of the same layers (the Tapeats Sandstone) far from the fold. Here’s what his in-depth, four-year study concluded:



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