Vivid Display of Gratuitous Beauty vs Darwin’s Evolution

Peacock geometry design

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Presenting God’s creation today and the key term called “Gratuitous Beauty” which is inexplicable by secular humanists.   Their brain locks up.  Even Charles Darwin once wrote that the sight of a male peacock’s tail made him physically ill. 

The profound beauty and geometric design of the peacock is vividly displayed and articulated in the first short video below.  Second video,  see how Ken Boa describes Gratuitous Beauty.

Charles Darwin once wrote that the sight of a male peacock’s tail made him physically ill. 


Because he knew that the gratuitous beauty so prevalent throughout the living world points unmistakably to intelligent design, foresight and plan. Explore the artistry and stunning implications of natural colors, patterns, and ornamentation in the animal and plant kingdoms that exist for a purpose beyond mere survival.


BEAUTY, DARWIN & DESIGN from The John 10:10 Project on Vimeo.



Gratuitous Beauty


From Ken Boa’s Wisdom of Job, here is part 9 of 12 in the series The Wisdom of Job on Gratuitous Beauty:

There are certain aspects of nature—creatures that boggle the imagination, or the perfect unity and diversity of flowers, for example—that we cannot understand apart from the glory of God.

The book of Job reminds us that if we cannot understand these earthly things, then we cannot fully understand God and His purposes. God never gives Job the reason behind his suffering; instead, He opens Job’s mind to His glory. We need to learn how to trust in the God who created these things.

Gratuitous Beauty

The beauty we see in nature goes far beyond what is necessary for mere reproduction or survival. The materialist worldview cannot account for this, but Christians can. Our God has graciously put beauty into nature to point to Himself.

Natural selection cannot account for the wondrous diversity in our creation. A creature that randomly developed a single leafy appendage, for example, would not pass that on to the next generation. There is no point for just one limb to masquerade as a leaf. It’s all or nothing—the creature was either created to look like a leaf all at once, or it was not.

God created complex structures in nature that we cannot understand. But looking at them should lead us to marvel at our God and worship Him.


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