Is Our Universe in Its “Final Era”?

Timeline of the Universe

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Secularists arrogantly (and ignorantly) declare our universe is in its “sixth and final era,” appealing to a mythical timeline while completely ignoring God’s Word.

Ken Ham | Answers in Genesis

Some Christians claim the idea of the big bang is compatible with the creation account in Genesis—but it’s notMore in a moment on why the two are utterly incompatibleNow, when it comes to questions about origins, we should remember that we must always take God at his Word rather than take man’s ideas about the past and add them into the BibleGod’s infallible Word—not man’s fallible word—is the standard of truth because God has always been there, does not lie, and does not make a mistakeGod and his Word must be our ultimate authority.

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Utterly Incompatible

So why aren’t the idea of the big bang and the creation account in Genesis compatibleWell, the big bang is based on the religion of naturalism, which assumes that the universe arose by natural processesIt’s a way of trying to explain everything without GodWe should never take elements of a different religion and mix them in with Christianity and the Bible.


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