The Great Reset of Our Culture

Christ in Prophecy

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How is the Great Reset using technology to change our culture towards globalism? Find out with Nathan Jones and Tim Moore on from this vide presentation from “Christ in Prophecy!”


Tim Moore: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy! I’m Tim Moore, the Senior Evangelist here at Lamb & Lion Ministries.

In our last episode, we looked at the rapid rise of the globalist agenda that’s bent on forming Satan’s prophesied one-world government. This nefarious movement is called The Great Reset.

We showed segments from our Great Reset Conference held in late 2021 at the Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas. We began with Brandon Holthaus, the pastor of Rock Harbor Church, who defined exactly what the Great Reset is, its agenda, and the many names it goes by from its strongest supporters of the socialistic government, including big tech, pharma, banking, and environmental activism.

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Then, Billy Crone of Get A Life Ministries covered the economic mechanisms that are needed to be put in place in order to control everyone’s ability to buy and sell, revealing that many are already in place to make the Mark of the Beast system a reality. And, finally, Don Perkins of According To Prophecy Ministries revealed from the book of Revelation what the Great Reset will look like once fully implemented, the Antichrist’s rising one-world empire.

In this episode, our Lamb & Lion Ministries Internet Evangelist, Nathan Jones, will explore how Satan is using today’s technologies to unite the world under his new culture and ethos. In the following segment, Nathan will first begin by analyzing how drastically this modern-day tech culture is negatively affecting our vulnerable youth. Next, he will identify Satan’s insidious end-goal, and then reveal his overarching strategy towards making this goal a soon reality. Here, now, is Nathan Jones.

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