The Leftist Liberals Dont Believe in Freedom or Tolerance at All


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The leftist liberal agenda in our country is vividly on display and illustrates their extreme hypocrisy when it comes to that word “tolerance” and “freedom of speech”.  As long as you agree with their viewpoint on certain issues, they leave us alone. 

They will “tolerate” us. 

As soon as we disagree with them, such as the homosexual agenda or sanctity of life, they become the “intolerant” and they will disrupt our freedom of assembly and free speech.

Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation here in Richmond, Va., experienced this as she spoke to a crowd outside their offices.  

“When I gave a speech outside of my office in Richmond about the real liberal war on women and family values, liberals showed up and protested. While protests or even personal attacks from the Left don’t bother me — I actually expect them — their plans were far more sinister. 

In the video below, you’ll see the liberal activists tried to shout loud enough so no one in the audience could hear what I was saying. This should be a wake-up call to all Virginians about the direction our state is heading. The last thing the Left wants is for people to hear our ideas.

Our liberty depends on free speech and I take this attack on spreading our message seriously, as I know you do as well. Rest assured that they will never keep me quiet when our freedom is at stake — for families and for Virginia. Please watch this shocking video and tell me what you think in the comment section.”

staff-cobbvictoriaAs President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, Mrs. Victoria Cobb  is responsible for the leadership and direction of the Commonwealth’s largest and oldest pro-family organization. In her role she maintains the vision and mission of the organization while managing all areas of operations. Victoria also serves as the organization’s spokesperson and is regularly in demand as a speaker and commentator on family issues in the media. She has been with the pro-family organization since 2000.  Read more

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