Trans-Dimensional Raiders

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Gary Stearman | Prophecy Watch

As Christians, what are we to think, when governments around the world are beginning to publicly admit that they’ve been studying the phenomenon of UFOs and Space Aliens. And let’s face it, when we see television videos of lozenge-shaped vehicles from gun cameras aboard a Navy F-18, we have to take a second look. What’s more, these strange craft fly in ways impossible for our fighters. They are much faster and more maneuverable … clocked at several thousand miles per hour! They are able to dive into the ocean at top speed. That would, of course, reduce the average fighter plane to fragments in a millisecond. And then they pop up into the air, moving as fast as before!

The unspoken conclusion is that we’re being visited by beings from other planets, perhaps other galaxies.

Military and other Government Agency personnel have appeared on television programs, calmly announcing that yes, they’ve been studying these strange vehicles for years. Anyone who follows this subject knows that from Roswell to the present, hundreds of books and videos have screamed about the reality of the space visitors.

Among other things, they’re called the “greys,” “reptilians,” “insectoids” and white-robed, blond “Nordics,” who represent multiple classes of aliens. They come in “UFOs.” They’re not space travelers, but the old gods in new costume.



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