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The Virginia Christian Alliance’s initiative to support “traditional” marriage in Virginia and to hold the Attorney General, Mark Herring, accountable for his unlawful actions is aggressively moving forward.

Delegate Bob Marshall recently posted an opinion piece about the marriage issue.

We share Delegate Marshall’s post with our VCA supporters and encourage its reading.

Bob Marshall: Elites betray will of the people on homosexual ‘marriage’

BY BOB MARSHALL   Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 7:00 pm

In February, a federal judge in Norfolk misused her position to force homosexual “marriage” on Virginia, which embraces traditional marriage in its constitution. She has done violence to children and also to government by the people.

Now, three more judges are also considering whether they know better than 1.3 million Virginia voters.

She asserts her decision was required by the 14th Amendment. But this amendment, a constitutional provision written in the blood of 600,000-plus Americans, had a wholly unrelated purpose. As Justice William O. Douglas explained succinctly, “The 14th Amendment was passed to give blacks first-class citizenship.”

The Equal Protection Clause had and has no bearing whatsoever on homosexual “marriage,” except in the vain imagination of activist judges. Congressional debates and documents show that no part of marriage or family law was altered by its passage. The same state legislatures that ratified the 14th Amendment overwhelmingly also enacted laws criminalizing sodomy in their states.

To foist same-sex “marriage” on Americans, federal judges must suspend the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” because same-sex “marriage” is built upon confusion and fabrications.

The victorious attorney called the decision of the Norfolk judge “beautiful,” ensuring that “children receive … the benefits of parents’ remaining together to rear the children they conceive.” That nature prevents same sex couples from conceiving naturally was ignored by the lawyers who argued in court that heterosexual and homosexual couples were entitled to identical treatment in marriage.

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Such judges are morally guilty of child abuse. They ignore what even a kindergartner knows — that mothers and fathers serve different roles and children should not be deprived of either. Yet judges claim they act on behalf of children? Nonsense!

Federal courts affirming same-sex “marriage” don’t define it or explain what type of behavior consummates a homosexual marriage or why their decisions do not support polygamy. Three women in Massachusetts, a lesbian throuple, are waiting to have their “marriage” relationship sanctioned by the same judges who approve homosexual marriage. Would three be better than two?

Just mention actual sexual practices engaged in by homosexual couples and homosexual “marriage” proponents end the conversation. The adverse public health consequences of such behavior are staggering with taxpayers paying the tab.

Judicial decisions confusing sexual behavior and race have consequences beyond marriage. Barack Obama, since his post-election conversion, now supports homosexual marriage, confusing sexual behavior with race. His executive order to ban discrimination based on sexual behavior in hiring by all federal contractors and subcontractors will affect 28 million workers.

In 2012, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the firing of Crystal Dixon, a competent, well-regarded minority woman who served as human resources vice president at the public University of Toledo, for writing an op/ed as a private citizen objecting to comparing homosexual struggles with those of African-American civil rights victims. The school prides itself on its “diversity.”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried but failed to pressure San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone from speaking at a June 19 Washington, D.C., March for Marriage, which she called “venom masquerading as virtue.”

Photographers and bakers are being fined or forced to provide services to same-sex “marriages” against their conscience. Internet company Mozilla’s CEO, Brendan Eich, was fired for donating $1,000 to support California’s Proposition 8 upholding traditional marriage, yet Barack Obama held this position until recently. Perhaps NBA team owners will be forced to sell their basketball franchises for supporting natural marriage in their private conversations.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) groups can be expected to target church tax exemptions. The “Human Rights Campaign” is now defending teachers fired from Catholic schools after marrying same-sex partners against Catholic teaching and school policy. Soon, pastors who refuse to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies will be sued. Church charities that feed, clothe, house and care for the less fortunate will suffer as these lawsuits increase.

The Bob Jones University v. U.S. Supreme Court decision upheld IRS denial of tax-exempt status because the school violated “public policy” by imposing race distinctions among students. The GLBT lobby claims that refusing same-sex marriage is akin to discrimination based on color, when in reality behavior is not the same as color.

The fate of Virginia’s Marriage Amendment next rests with Fourth Circuit Judges Robert Gregory, Paul Niemeyer and Henry Floyd, who will either affirm or deny the will of 1.3 million Virginia voters who ratified Virginia’s One-Man, One-Woman Marriage Amendment.

If judicial elites impose a radical and immoral marriage regime on American citizens in defiance of the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” the result would be to rend the social fabric in ways that can scarcely be imagined.

Bob-MarshallBob Marshall, a Republican, represents the 13th District, which includes part of Prince William County and the city of Manassas Park, in the Virginia House of Delegates. Contact him at


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