A Christian Response to Your Biology Book


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Bill Nowers, a retired Navy Captain, founder of CREATION & EVOLUTION STUDIES MINISTRY and a Virginia Christian Alliance Advisor has reviewed biology books being considered by Orange county and has written this letter to the County with his concerns. We urge others to be active and interface with our officials.

A Christian Response to Your Biology Book

First of all, and this may surprise everyone, Christians do not disagree with any of the proven scientific biology in the book. We all have the same facts. The biology presented in this book, including the cell theory, germ theory, genetic information and the detailed coverage of the several complex systems that make up the human body, are all covered extensively and accurately.

However, there are two major issues that a Christian should be aware of concerning some of the information in the book.

The first issue is that the book is written and approved essentially by Atheists. There is a Darwinian evolution requirement put on all information in the public schools by our judicial system and endorsed by our government funded scientists. Accordingly all estimates, opinions, probabilities, theories, etc.. should be questioned, with respect to any factual basis and specific definitions.

The second issue is why does the book even cover ancient and historic beliefs when they are irrelevant to today’s biology? It does not matter in the study of biology, whether we arrived at our present status through Creation by God or by an Atheist evolution. Present day biology remains the same.

Everything over 4,000 years old referenced in this book, citing ancient examples, such as, bones, fossils, rock structures, etc.., is interpreted based on Atheist beliefs. Homology and the similarity of bone structures and DNA similarities in humans and other creatures are all claimed to be the result of evolution. Christians know that God just created them that way. But again, this information, based only on atheistic theory, should not be in a biology book where it can do nothing more than create dissention. It is only presented here because the evolutionists are attempting to add credibility to their Atheist beliefs.

The evolutionist’s fraud is exposed when it is revealed that the specific definitions of evolution are not explained. While evolution is merely a change over time, it is necessary to further define it for living species. Microevolution refers to the minor changes within a species due to the wide range of combinations of genetic material from each parent. It is obvious that within each species there is a great variation in all the individual characteristics, simply due to existing genetic information.

Macroevolution is a change to a new, more advanced species, with genetic information that was not present in either parent. Evolutionists admit this would be through a beneficial mutation. There are no proven examples of any beneficial mutations and there would have to be millions of them to support the Darwinian evolution belief.

The only examples presented to support macroevolution are ancient bones that have some similar structure, or DNA or other similarities. There is no scientific evidence to support such a belief. God just made them that way. Charles Darwin was well aware that all the species he collected, including his famous finches, were only examples of microevolution. He postulated, without any proof, that over millions of years microevolution would result in macroevolution. It never happened and no scientific evidence supports it.

To cover the total lack of evidence, evolutionists refuse to even use the words microevolution and macroevolution. The National Academy of Sciences, in their three books on the subject, refused to use the words. They do not even appear in the glossary of this book. Why? Because they want to give the impression that by using only “evolution” they can give simple examples and imply they support macroevolution.

This is a real challenge for a Christian, to learn the true biology in this book and discount the Atheistic propaganda that is also in this book.

Bnowers1Bill Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry




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