Bob Marshall Takes Courageous Stand


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To the Editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Recent editorial jabs at Del. Bob Marshall reveal more about the writer than about Marshall. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find those who remain committed to upholding the values that have been pillars of successful civilizations for millennia. The unprecedented pressure applied by homosexual activists causes law enforcement to drop charges, legislators to change votes, and decent people to embrace their family members’ bad choices.

Marshall epitomizes a leader who is motivated by conviction rather than political expedience. In the recent Tracy Thorne-Begland controversy, if he had been heterosexual instead of homosexual, Marshall would have still opposed his nomination to the judgeship, because the man is a known activist. Had he been an activist for pharmaceutical companies or for coal mining, it would have been unthinkable to appoint him to the bench. Because most everyone cowers to the raised voice of the homosexual activist, fearful of being called a hate monger as you called Marshall, they take absurd positions.

Case in point from a recent editorial: “Marshall is seeking to exact revenge. He intends to introduce legislation that would forbid lawmakers from sponsoring for judicial appointment anyone who had contributed to the lawmaker’s campaign.” Wouldn’t one normally expect the newspaper in its quest for transparency to condemn a politician who seeks favors for those who have made contributions to their campaign? The desire to not oppose anything that might impede the homosexual agenda trumps even common sense.

Marshall’s courage and conviction deserve admiration. In the current political climate, it is highly unlikely that he will feel the love. And yet, he has been re-elected for 21 years as a conservative Republican from liberal Northern Virginia.


Elaine Hanger

Chairman-Legislative Committee, Virginia Christian Action,  Chesterfield, VA

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