Debunking Evolution and Fight the Indoctrination of our Children by Public Education

Debunk Evolution

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Watch as one teen responds to evolution in high school biology class. Go to for the video series.

Also, Barna research shows that 2/3rds of Christian students leave the faith after high school.

Evolution teaching in public school is one of the reasons behind this exodus.

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Prepare your Christian student by having them complete our 6-lesson program that debunks all 10 pillars of evolution that are taught in public schools from 6th to 10th grades. Package includes the Debunking Evolution Book, Student Guide, and Training DVD. More information on their website here.


GO HERE FOR the free resources for our “Debunking Evolution Taught in Public Schools” Program. This program includes six lessons designed to address evolution teaching in public schools from a Biblical standpoint. Twelve (12) videos, a Student Guide, and the Comprehensive Book can be used by students, parents, teachers, and youth ministers for learning how to address evolution teaching from an informed, Biblical perspective.

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