Can you be gay and Christian? What does the Bible actually say?


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Dr. Brown

Can you be gay and Christian? What does the Bible actually say? Did the biblical writers address loving, committed, same-sex relationships? In this “Consider This” episode Dr. Brown tackles this controversial issue.

If by the question you mean, Can you be a practicing homosexual, affirming yourself in your gay or lesbian identity, and at the same time be a disciple of Jesus, the answer is categoricallyno. Jesus made it clear that He did not come to abolish the Law and Prophets but to fulfill them (Matt 5:17-20), which included taking the moral standards of the Old Testament to a higher level, and He reaffirmed God’s order of male-female marriage (Matt 19:4-6). Jesus also taught that all forms of sexual immorality defiled us (Mark 7:20-23), and for a first-century Jew (especially for a first-century rabbi like Jesus-Yeshua!), there was 100% agreement that all homosexual acts were sexually immoral. So, you cannot be a practicing homosexual and a disciple of Jesus at the same time.

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If, however, by the question you mean, Can you struggle with same-sex desires, recognizing that they are wrong and that God is against homosexual practice, refusing to give yourself to those desires romantically or sexually, and at the same time be a disciple of Jesus, the answer is absolutely yes. What God requires is holiness, not heterosexuality, although heterosexuality is clearly the God-intended pattern for the human race.

So, if you have wrestled with homosexual desires for many years and you feel that God will not accept you until you become heterosexual, or if you feel condemned because of those same-sex desires, I encourage you to come to God just as you are and to commit yourself to holy living, by His grace and power, which means refusing to yield to same-sex attractions, fantasies, and desires. And as you set your sights on Him, drawing close to the Father through the blood of Jesus, you will experience transformation through the life and power of the Spirit.


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