Democrats are Grooming Our Children to become Transsexuals One Day at a Time

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Dr. Rich Swier

We have written about how since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed gays to marry that Democrats have been the champions of so called “gay rights.”

But what about parent’s rights, children’s rights and human rights? What about science? What about the harm done to our children who are groomed to go gay?

The Democrat objective is to hold onto the trans-voter by pushing policies, programs and medical procedures that create more trans-voters.

Democrats and the Biden administration are working hard while they have the power to “groom” our children to be gay, non-binary, transsexual, lesbian, gay and members of the LGBTQ+ movement.

The Democrats are in full mode to turn our children and grandchildren into transsexuals.

They are doing this using four key strategies: 

1. Normalizing sodomy, 

2. Promoting The LGBTQ+ agenda and homosexuality in our public schools via classes, gay porn in public school libraries and gay clubs, 

3. Pushing gender change surgeries upon children as young as 12-years old and 

4. making our children gender confused by unscientifically repeating the myth that there are more than two genders (XX-male and XY female).

Helping Biden and Democrats are media and social media (e.g. Facebook has over 60 gender pronouns), corporations (e.g. Apple adding a pregnant man and pregnant person emojis), the Walt Disney Corporation pushing the grooming of children to become transsexuals, public schools who allow homosexual cross dressers to read books to elementary school children, The DOD holding mandatory classes on “gender identity”, and Biden’s appointment of multiple non-binary (a.k.a. gender-queer) people to his cabinet and administration.

Examples of Democrats Going Full Trans

In this video clip Beto O’Rourke proposes a plan to take “trans” children away from their parents.

In the video below posted on on March 4, 2022 a Albemarle County principle and teachers discuss their elementary school “transgender advocacy program.”

The Schilling Show reported:

In this edited clip of the full presentationMountain View Principal, Cyndi Wells, presides over a rambling seminar clearly intended to provide methods of elementary school student indoctrination in contemporary transgender culture, language, and comportment. Myriad concepts and techniques were presented with the underlying premise of “honoring” students’ gender “experiences” while pawkily flouting parental rights and involvement. [Emphasis added]

Public schools have pushed the idea that transsexuals are in danger and need to be protected from bullying when in fact it is these same public schools who are bullying children to become transsexuals.

In a March 12th, 2022 article in The Post Millennial titled “Sydney Watson exposes Texas gender identity clinic for performing breast removal on 12-year-olds” reported:

Sydney Watson exposed a gender identity clinic in Texas that, until very, very recently, was performing double mastectomies on the healthy breasts of 12-year-olds, for the purpose of pediatric gender transition. This is the same clinic where Blaire White claimed to have been treated.

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“Gonna go ahead and confirm that this is the clinic I was treated at,” White said in reply to Watson’s video on Twitter. “I’m sickened that I ever gave them my money.” White is a prominent YouTuber who underwent gender transition, but has been honest and forthright about that not changing the underlying biological sex.


Read the full article.

The Bottom Line

Parents are taking their children out of public schools in an effort to protect them from this transsexual grooming agenda.

Kerry McDonald in a March 4th, 2022 article titled “New Data Show the Exodus From Public Schools Is Continuing” reports:

Since 2020, more families have been fleeing local district schools for other options. Homeschooling rates doubled in that year alone and remain high today. Home-based “pandemic pods” have evolved into established microschools and co-op arrangements that have worked better for many families than a conventional classroom. Catholic schools, like other private schools, were more likely to remain open while district schools were closed and have experienced their first enrollment hike in two decades. More students are now learning in virtual schools and charter schools than they were pre-pandemic.

Parents are recognizing that they have many more options for their children’s education and are continuing to abandon government-assigned district schools.

While it was understandable that parents might seek different learning settings for their children amidst 2020 school closures, new data suggests the exodus from district schools isn’t letting up.

[ … ]

The educational realignment from institutions to home- and community-based models that accelerated in 2020 isn’t slowing down. Now that parents and teachers have glimpsed educational possibilities beyond a traditional classroom, they are less willing to put up with the schooling status quo.

Read the full article.

Parents need to and are taking back control of what and who teaches their children.

We do not want the United States of America fundamentally transformed into the the Dysfunctional Transsexual States of America.

Parents are now considered “domestic terrorists” for pushing back against school boards and public schools if that’s so then count me in too!

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