Does Belief in Science Make Science a God


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First Published in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Michael Eppers’ recent letter condemning Ken Ham’s stand in the recent debate with Bill Nye the “Science Guy” is just another attack by an uninformed atheist [” Scientific Evidence Trumps Religious Views ,” May 6].

The question asked was what would it take to change your mind (deny God).

Ken Ham answered properly and said nothing would change his mind or get him to deny the true God of the Bible.

The real and only God established the science we have today. Of course Christians believe in science. God established science, and on occasion God exceeds the principles he established to perform miracles.

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Mr. Nye makes science his god. His entire scientific belief system is based on a Big Bang where nothing exploded with fantastic temperatures and expanded into all the physical evidence we have today, including all of the suns and planets–all with no scientific proof. What scientific principle could cause dead material to come alive by chance? None.

What scientific principle could cause initial life molecules to reproduce and through millions of minor improvements change from a single cell to the complex bodies of humans and other living forms? None.

The Bible clearly explains the origin of the universe, the creation of all living life forms as separate species and each reproducing in its own kind.

Make no mistake, this was not a debate of God versus science but of the God of the Bible versus science as a god.

William E. Nowers


Bnowers1William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors

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