Honoring Homosexuality, Denying First Amendment

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Linda Harvey |WND

Your daughter loves a certain Christian college, but you discover it’s as corrupt as a secular campus these days. Why? Because its authentic gospel witness is now banned by the destructive forces of homosexual activism. 

Think this can’t happen, and soon? Think again. Proud homosexual California lawmakers and their allies just passed the anti-Christian Senate Bill 1146 through the first chamber of the California Assembly.

You are told you’ll lose your job if you wear your favorite cross necklace to work again. This is right after you’ve been asked to sign a statement pledging you won’t engage in “discrimination” against anyone based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”

And “discrimination” means anything the radicals want it to mean.

Think this can’t happen at work? Think you’ll never be asked to sign a workplace pro-homosexual “loyalty pledge”?

The National Education Association at its 2016 convention is pushing teachers to sign a pledge of “support” for “LGBTQ” students.

The press is on, friends. And it will only worsen if we who should care are preoccupied, conflicted, uninformed or dismissive.

“That’s not a hill I’m willing to die on,” is one phrase I keep hearing.

Committed anti-freedom leftists are working diligently to compel you, your children, your church and your workplace to actively honor sexual sin. So how rigid, lawless and sleazy does America have to become before millions begin resisting and demanding First Amendment rights?

An Obama-appointed judge in Mississippi just struck down a state law allowing clerks to refuse on the basis of conscience to marry two men or two women.

California’s SB 1146 will destroy the freedom of Christian colleges to be Christian– all because of sexual anarchist “rights.” Equality California’s lobbying for SB 1146 is being funded by Wal-Mart, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and other corporations, according to 2nd Vote.

And it’s not just America. This is a global endeavor, with the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, the EU and liberal stakeholders all marching in a concerted battle against sound moral values and, essentially, against the Lord and His followers.

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“hate speech” code has just been adopted by the EU, and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft are on board. The European left defines “hate” as any opposition to homosexual behavior, gender rebellion, abortion, or Islamic ideology. Yet seething animosity toward Christians and Jews is often just fine and, in fact, laudable.

They get away with this in Europe because there are relatively few biblically faithful Christians or conservatives who push back. Brexit is a somewhat promising sign. Still, the spiritual life of Europe, with its declining mainline Christianity and weak Roman Catholicism, is being transformed by adherents to non-Christian faiths – Muslims, Hindus and neopagans. Many ally with the sexual anarchist lobby to insist on the new orthodoxy: everything-but-Judeo-Christian norms.

This is “human rights,” remember? Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have both said so.

Back here in the U.S., the extremist Human Rights Campaign leads the charge to deny faith-based freedom. Its recent report is “Title IX Religious Exemptions Putting LGBT Students at Risk.”

But the “risk” is the usual from homosexual pressure groups: the threat of hearing opinions you don’t like – for instance, being told a biological male should room with other biological males.

Yes, Christian colleges have historically required this, since their policies are founded on truth, not delusion.

This HRC report re-positions First Amendment religious freedom for these colleges as “taking advantage of legal loopholes” and features sob stories about, for instance, female basketball players at Pepperdine who were the subject of much speculation about their apparent lesbian relationship. They eventually transferred to another college.

Never addressed is the breach of promise by students who knew the standards when they enrolled, yet chose to break them. The issue is not the school’s betrayal; it’s the students who refuse to give up their sin in accordance with a school’s long-established principles.

God is not first in these students’ lives. Their own desire is.

No one needs to dress as the opposite sex, nor engage in homosexual sex. So these students made their choices about what mattered to them most.

Like homosexual-affirming churches, these students design a “god” centered around depraved sexuality, rather than accepting God as He is and centering one’s life around Him.

This is revolution, using naïve, young sexual sinners as change agents, defended by lawyers from radical leftist organizations and foundations.

Abortion advocates are undermining the First Amendment as well. The state of California Department of Managed Care, in collusion with the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR), is forcing religious institutions and churches to fund abortions. Insurance plans must include abortions, according to a recent OCR ruling that lets the state insurance plans continue with abortion coverage.

This was the HHS response to California church questions and is a flagrant violation of the Weldon Amendment, a federal law allowing conscience rights on abortion by health providers. HHS-OCR violates Weldon by insisting all insurance plans in California cover abortions.

And in Washington state, a small pharmacy must prescribe abortifacient drugs following a ruling from the 9th Circuit. SCOTUS let that ruling stand.

Religious cleansing is potentially underway even in Tennessee. A new law allows freedom of conscience by therapists who do not want to affirm homosexuality, for instance. They can refer the client to a different counselor.

But it’s under challenge by two homosexual men as a violation of the Tennessee Constitution and the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

Can we please get a break from the misuse of the 14th Amendment by sexual rebels? What “equal protection” is at risk here, if one simply goes to a different therapist?

Once again, freedom to say “no” to the celebration of sodomy is disappearing. Does Joe America understand how this affects his ability to raise his children? The risks for his grandchildren?

Please wake up, America. The revolution is underway, but most seem to be asleep.


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