How To Prep Your Kids To Resist Satan’s School Revolution

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Linda Harvey urges parents to teach moral, scientific realities about sexuality

Linda Harvey | WND

 Backpack? Got it.  Pens and pencils?  Check

High moral standards and keen discernment? Hmm…

Maybe the most important item on the back-to-school checklist for your kids has been shoved to the bottom of the pile.

Tutoring children in Christian ethics, common sense and even constitutional rights seems like an overwhelming challenge. Still, you do not want to be one of those parents looking back in 10 years with deep regret, wishing you could turn back the clock and save your child – and other children – from disaster.

It’s not enough for your children to see sound values modeled in your home daily. Today’s schools are populated with aggressive change agents – often with trusted, friendly faces – using any opportunity to persuade your children that all sexual expressions are valid and Judeo-Christian morality is not simply antiquated, but hateful and evil.

And they’ll whisper that their parents never need to find out about their sexual rebellion.

Can we bring our children up to speed in the next few weeks to quickly recognize the dark ideas they’ll be served as if they were hot fudge sundaes?

Yes. Here are some suggestions for key talking points:

1. Do your children really believe in God as our Creator? This will be tested. Ask them this: Can you pass this test? Are males and females interchangeable? Is gender irrelevant?

Will your kids embrace “the Gender Unicorn” or the “Genderbread Person“?

Without guidance, they may. These and other trendy, gender-smashing curricula are deeply harmful and inaccurate, maintaining there are three or more sexes – male, female and “other” – in a Satanic smorgasbord of ever-changing fluidity.

These are not faithful representations of humans according to science or according to creation of all things through Jesus Christ, through Whom all things were made (John 1:3, Colossians 1:16). These are demonic, deceptive constructs meant to mislead impressionable children and deny Almighty God and His power.

Think about this. God could have devised any form of humanity, but He decided on two types, male and female, and there are infinite positive reasons for this. Male and female are separate and distinct, with the exception of a tiny number of people with an “intersex” birth defect. Even then, one sex emerges eventually as predominant.

There is no androgyny in the eyes of God. Satan, however, loves this and encourages it through his confused human servants.

And if you think, “Oh, my child could never be captivated by such nonsense!” then please read this about the cult-like attributes of gender anarchy.

If you remove your children from public schools, their risks diminish considerably.

2. So, on a practical level, boys in the girls’ facilities (or girls in the boys’) are inappropriate violations of privacy and should not be tolerated in any school. How brave are your children, if you are keeping them in the public schools? How brave are you? Think about urging your child to report any members of the opposite sex who enter the bathrooms, locker rooms or showers by contacting school administrators. If the school officials insist this boy or girl has the “right” to be there, train your child to ask about his or her rights – that she and other girls, e.g., do not want him there. And you as the parent will need to step in and back this up.

Are you ready? These situations are going to arise. And when they do and you need legal counsel, don’t forget the great folks at Liberty CounselAlliance Defending FreedomLiberty Institute, the Thomas More Society and the Pacific Justice Institute.

3. Homosexuality is still a sin, still immoral, and it’s still not inborn – in spite of our wayward Supreme Court majority decision affirming its basis for so-called “marriage” in the Obergefell decision last summer.

Be wary. While much of America is over here protesting the invasion of bathrooms, homosexual behavior is quietly being inserted into the school curricula while few are looking, as if it did no harm, as if it truly were an inborn identity like race.

Especially watch for outrageously pornographic sex ed programs to be launched, the details of which you as a parent are unlikely to receive unless you push past all the roadblocks the school will erect.

The latest trend is to enact “inclusive” sex ed under the banner of being “comprehensive.” But that means they will just be ramping up the normalization of teen sex and abortion and now, homosexual behavior as well.

This supposedly keeps kids “safe.” An online petition pushed by the student corruption group GSA Network makes this claim, portraying radical new school sex instruction at Parkway Schools (Missouri) as “necessary” for safety. No, it’s not safe to teach explicit condom use, to treat homosexual conduct as if it’s a healthy option, or to lend official respect to the sordid identities of homosexuality and gender rebellion.

Many newer curricula will teach that anal sex is a form of “intercourse” that can be performed safely, and the addition of this vile practice, along with details about oral sex, are the left’s accommodation to students with supposedly immutable homosexual genes, which no research has revealed.

Homosexuality is still deviant behavior, totally unnecessary, and our God has made that clear. Make sure your children understand by reviewing pertinent Scripture (Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Matthew 19:4-6, Romans 1:24-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and elsewhere).

But as a deeply corrupting classroom topic, this should be high (or low) on the list of any discerning parent: Opt your kids out of these classes as soon as you can.

And in other classes, make sure your children understand that homosexuality and gender-bending are not civil rights. These are harmful behaviors many people have left behind and are nothing like race. Yet students will be told they are equivalent.

Make sure you tell your children over and over they are not.

Repeat, and repeat all this again. That would be a genuine act of safety.





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