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Yesterday, I told you how public schools across the country are violating parental rights by indoctrinating very young children, including preschoolers, in the radical gay and transgender agendas. 

Today, unfortunately, I have to report to you that our federal government under the Biden administration has taken up these radical left-wing causes and is now a big part of the problem.

We start with Rachel Levine, a biological male transgender, who is Assistant Secretary of Health in Biden’s HHS. Levine was pressed on transgender surgery and drugs for young children during confirmation hearings, but deflected the question. 

It’s no surprise Levine now talks openly about the “value and the importance of gender-affirming care” for young children.  Levine recently made the astounding claim “there is no argument among medical professionals” – including pediatricians – about this. 

The fact of the matter is there is a great deal of argument. 

A group of physicians called the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine argues “the growing number of detransitioners” shows gender-affirming pediatricians don’t really know what they’re doing. 

Moreover, the psychiatric profession does not agree with Levine.  The psychiatric manual DSM-5 recognizes a diagnosis for “gender dysphoria” in children calling for treatment as a sexual development disorder.  Rachel Levine is a far-left political hack and, indisputably, a colossal liar.

Levine’s boss, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra told Congress last month he absolutely supports the use of federal funds to pay for mutilating, irreversible sex change surgery for minors.  He said he will defend the rights of children to undergo these gruesome procedures.  This man is sick.  Children cannot even consent to a car loan, and you’re telling me they possess the legal capacity to sign up for irreversible body-mutilating surgery and a lifetime of drugs and doctor visits to maintain the fiction they are now the opposite sex?  If that’s what you think, YOU’RE sick, sick in the head.  There’s lots of things children cannot legally consent to, like tattoos, and they need to be protected from the consequences of making choices when they can’t understand the ramifications.

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The Biden White House doesn’t like the fact that Florida passed a law prohibiting the early sexualization of young children third-grade and below in Florida’s public schools.  The Biden administration is even investigating the new law as a federal civil rights violation.  Biden himself said last month the law will have a “tragic impact” and targets vulnerable students.  He dismissed parental rights with the wave of a hand.  That’s ironic.  Here’s who is targeting vulnerable students – far-Left school administrators across the country steeped in Marxist doctrine (I’ll get to that in a future commentary), teachers who pester kids to change gender while keeping it all secret from parents, and the transgender-industrial complex – the psychologists, surgeons, and drug companies who are all for artificially inducing gender dysphoria in young children so they can make a buck off of it. 

All of this begs the question, “Whose Children Are They?”  In previous commentaries, I’ve told you about a parade of Democrats, school administrators, and others who fervently believe children are state property and parents have no rights – including Democrat Terry McAuliffe who lost the governor’s race in Virginia last year because he said in a debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  The latest to join this parade is Joe Biden himself who told teachers just last week, “they are not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.”  Too bad somebody didn’t take Hunter Biden away from Joe Biden so Hunter could be raised properly.   

There’s a powerful new documentary discussing the question “Whose Children Are They?”  The documentary contains compelling testimony from parents and educators about what the public schools are up to – no good.  It’s a powerful film and I highly recommend it to you. 

Fortunately, most people don’t believe the far-left propaganda coming from Rachel Levine and Joe Biden.  Most people believe children are not property of the state and parents have rights and the say-so in the raising of their children.  But it’s not enough just to shake your head and say, ‘isn’t it a shame.’  People need to fight back and tomorrow, I will tell you about some parents who are doing exactly that. 

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