Meet Joe Biden, “LGBTQ” Extremist

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Linda Harvey | The Stand

How quickly we forget. Joe Biden is not a “middle of the road” Democrat – if there is such a thing in the party of proud infanticide laws, anti-Semitic smears, and approved invasion of our southern border.

Only short memories would occupy the “Joe Biden is a moderate” camp. History does not support that view, at least not about Joe’s alliance with harmful “LGBTQ” behaviors and lifestyles—even when children are being targeted and endangered.

Joe Biden officiated at the “marriage” of two male White House staffers in 2016. He publicly expressed support for faux nuptials in 2012, even before Obama did.

And when it comes to faithful Christian Americans, handsy Joe told a cheering homosexual audience last fall that we believers use religion as a “license to discriminate.”

It’s on tape from September 2018 (listen to his bigoted rant here beginning at around 20:12). He referred to those who support President Trump’s policies as the “dregs of society.”

Biden’s remarks were made last fall when he gave the keynote address at the annual gala of the deplorable Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobby group in America. Biden’s comments during that speech shocked many of us. 

But Joe has been knee-deep in the “gay rights” swamp for a long time.

The Biden Foundation (which just suspended operations) packed its advisory council with well-known radicals like Eliza Byard, president of the school-corruption-group GLSEN; Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to Marry; Judy Shepard (Mathew’s mother, still claiming her son’s death was an anti-homosexual hate crime, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary); and transvestite Mara Kiesling. All are working diligently to deceive the American public, and Biden appreciates their efforts.

The Biden Foundation page on “LGBTQ” youth embraces these harmful behaviors as worthwhile, inborn traits, which is untrue. Why do more “LGBTQ” youth attempt suicide? Biden’s group blames societal discrimination. I don’t know about you, but any president who buys this continuing phony narrative is a fool—a dangerous one.

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On the Biden for President campaign website, Joe’s “vision” includes this statement: “It’s time to remember who we are. We’re Americans: tough, resilient, but always full of hope. It’s time to treat each other with dignity.”

Dignity—except for Christians who support biblical sexual morality. We are automatically guilty of discrimination, in Joe’s view.

It’s bad enough that Biden links arms with a virulently anti-Christian group that implements child endangerment programs. The Human Rights Campaign spreads homosexual and gender confusion propaganda via its “Welcoming Schools” program for elementary school. 

They push obscene lessons for middle and high schoolers.  The HRC plan is the vulgar, XXX-rated sex education bill called the “Real Education for Healthy Youth Act.” This exploitative bill trashes teen abstinence as “excluding” those who choose to be sexually active or engage in homosexual behavior. Such lame-brained advice is far from healthy, but hazardous.

Equal devastation for all American children, Democrat-style.

The Human Rights Campaign is the driver of the horrendous “Equality Act” (H.R. 5 and S. 788), which would morph homosexual sex and gender rebellion into federal civil rights. Schoolchildren would be compelled to accept these behaviors, and change therapy would be prohibited. Men will be able to freely invade female sports and restrooms, and you will be fired if you don’t express “respect” for this depravity on the job.

Biden threw his support behind the Equality Act in 2015.

Biden’s campaign site says, “We need to rebuild the middle class, and this time make sure everybody—regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability—gets a fair shot.”

But the “Equality Act” denies religious freedom.

However, hypocrisy is not unknown among liberals and at least Biden and his friends at the Human Rights Campaign are consistently duplicitous. The “Equality Act” (H.R. 5 and S. 788) would deny.

Americans who object to “LGBTQ” behavior to cite the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ( RFRA) as a defense.

In Biden’s comments at the HRC dinner, he tried to connect the dots between people who engage in homosexual behavior who are, in some countries, subject to violent punishment. He wants us to accept the canard that conservatives in America are responsible for something similar, which is certainly not happening. 

But liberals like Biden regularly deploy smears, innuendo, unsupported assertions and name-calling.

And make no mistake that, as president, Joe would jump to the tune of these sexual anarchists. Note how quickly he walked back his mild statement that Mike Pence is a “decent guy.” The gaystapo bullies pitched a fit, and Joe obediently said he didn’t mean it, that there was “nothing decent about being anti-LGBTQ rights.” 

Actually, opposing this tyranny is incredibly decent.

So let’s check the boxes for Joe. 

Denial of religious liberty—check.

Snarky, dangerous anti-Christian attitude—check.

Enthusiasm for “gay” child corruption programs—check.

Embrace of ungodly, deviant “marriage” – check.

Alliance with “LGBTQ” bullies—check.

This, friends, is a president who would pose a danger to America. He answers to the wrong god. Although we don’t have space to detail them here, there are many other reasons to say “no” to Joe. 

(Editor’s note:  Originally published here in May 2019, this information is still relevant for those concerned about our religious liberties and America as a whole.)


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