New Research Reveals Most U.S. Teens Want to Wait to “Get Busy”

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Sixty-one percent of America’s youth would like to be virgins when they marry; 63% would regain virginity if possible. (One Hope, Youth Research Project, February 2011). Report download below.

A majority of young people in the U.S. – 61 percent – would like to be virgins when they get married. Additionally, 63 percent said they would regain their virginity if possible. These are among the latest findings of youth research and outreach organization OneHope whose unique polling of young people worldwide is used to serve youth by governments and non-profit organizations around the world. 

  • 69 percent watch MTV on a weekly basis
  • 82 percent believe God intended marriage to last a lifetime
  • 64 percent said religion is somewhat or very important to them
  • 65 percent believe truth is relative
  • 76 percent approve of divorce when children are involved
  • 57 percent believe good people and good deeds get you into heaven
  • 80 percent cite parents as having a lot/some influence over their thoughts and actions
    (followed by teachers and friends)
  • 52 percent believe spiritual development is not necessary for a satisfying life
  • 50 percent consider an unmarried man and woman a family
  • 34 percent spend less than 15 minutes a week talking with their fathers about things that matter
OneHope utilizes this data in their work to address the harsh realities young people face in their unique cultures. The organization also makes its research available free of charge to nonprofits and governments worldwide at Spiritual State of the Children.
In 2006, OneHope began comprehensive qualitative and quantitative studies to learn more about the unique needs, experiences and social traditions of youth in various cultures and countries. The research contains country-specific research reports, analyses, photos and other information about the spiritual state of children and youth. The website currently includes research on 36 countries. OneHope plans to expand the research to an additional 10 countries by the end of 2011.

“There is a lot of research about young people, but when do we hear directly from them?” said OneHope Vice President of Global Ministries Chad Causey. “That’s why OneHope conducts research around the world, asking youth themselves what impacts them most. We use this research to better understand their needs, meet them at their points of pain and bring them hope through media experiences conveying God’s love.” 

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