“Sex Ed Squads” and Elementary Planned Parenthood Lessons

Biblical Sexuality

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(Editor’s Note: The Stand is very careful about words in blogs. It was determined that editing out the sexually explicit material would obscure the severity of what is being taught in California schools.)

It’s amazing what one can discover about American public schools through a public records request. 

In California, Karen England, head of Capitol Resource Institute, sought the documents of 900 school districts through a FOIA request and found a number of smoking guns where students are subjected to lessons and activities conveying dangerous, obscene, and medically inaccurate information. 

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She discovered some shocking revelations that involve CA elementary schools. With a heads up from a concerned parent, Capitol Resource confirmed her suspicions through retrieved documents.

It’s bad enough that schools throughout the state are allowing “sex ed squads” and have student-privacy-invading contracts with Planned Parenthood (more on that later). If Governor Gavin Newsome is looking to trim the strapped state budget, canceling school contracts with abortion providers might be a good place to start. 


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