The World Bank: Advocate for Abortions as a “Reproduction Health”

Letter with Attachments Linked below along with the original press release 56 million abortions are performed every year around the world, most of them in developing countries. The World Bank, hosted and financed by the US, is the largest source of external finance to support reproductive health in developing countries. In 2016, the International Planned Parenthood Federation declared its annual budget that it allotted to Member Associations and devoted to specific projects and international campaigns was $125 million.  In comparison, since 1992, the World Bank has spent an average of $379 million a year on population and reproductive health programs. But its real power comes from $200 billion subsidized loans it dispenses to developing countries that it uses as leverage to strong-arm poor countries into promoting abortion as a tool for population control. Pro-Life Federation International was established to organize a global campaign to defund the World Bank. Within a month time, 32 US and international pro-life organizations have joined our effort. The World Bank is a powerful institution. We need more pro-life warriors to join us. Let us join hands in prayers and action to stop abortion from being a tool for population control. Let us join our voices in the chorus of outrage to starve the World Bank of our tax dollars that it relies on to promote abortion. PRESS RELEASE ATTACHMENTS: Letter to Erik Bethel Petition Letter to President Trump – World Bank.pdf Annex 1 – Peddling Poverty – How The World Bank Scammed US Taxpayers.pdf (623 KB) Annex 2 – Abortion as a tool to end global poverty.pdf (1 MB)   PRESS RELEASE CONTACTS: LETTER SENT FROM: Don Blake Pro-Life Federation International c/o Virginia Christian Alliance 8659 Staples Mill Road Henrico, VA 23228 804-651-1700 LETTER SENT TO: Erik BethelErik Bethel Alternate US Executive Director World Bank1818 H Street, NW Washington DC 20433_ COPIES OF LETTER SENT TO  Mezra Hasan, Dean of the Board, World BankSandie Okoro, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, World Bank Zakir Hafez, Executive Secretary, World Bank Tribunal Jan Paulsson, Former President, World Bank Tribunal Osmane Diagana, Vice President, World Bank Haishan Fu, Director of Data Group, World Bank Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minster, Ethiopia Charles Lufumpa, Director of Statistics, African Development Bank Louis-Marc Ducharme, Director of Statistics, IMF  

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