Supreme Court Decision – Same Sex Marriage

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Don VCA website1Virginia Christian Alliance Response to SCOTUS Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

by Don Blake


This is our nation’s darkest hour.
We are a nation now fully under God’s judgment.
We must fear our own government.
The Supreme Court has a cynical disregard of morality based in the name of reason and liberty.
We will become a churchless community.
The Church has abandoned Biblical Truth.

US Supreme Court Goes GayI will take an approach to this topic not likely used by others.  Most, if not all, will address the issue from a humanist legal standpoint.  The legalistic constitutional views have been discussed endlessly.  I know that we are a Nation of laws, but where does the basis for American law come from?

We just recognized the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.  Winston Churchill said that the Magna Carta tells us “there is a law which is above the King.”  For thousands of years that law has come down to us from God in the written word of the Holy Bible – both old and new testaments.  That law was, is, and ever shall be. In America we see the Federal Government, aided by the Court, as “King”.

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That being said, let me say regarding the Court’s decision authorizing homosexual marriage throughout our nation, I suspect that this issue of homosexual rights is not settled.  I suspect there will be further litigation for decades, in both State and Federal Courts.

The immorality movement in our Nation, encouraged by government at every level, will continue to pursue its agenda.
Look at Roe v. Wade – now some 42 years after the Supreme Court’s decision – still not settled.
The Rainbow Flag is the battle flag of the anti-God Army.  The goal of the Rainbow Army is to attack biblically-based morality until all morality is decided by government.  Government is the new God.

The definition of marriage, which is between one man and one woman, was established by God.  God defined marriage, and no man nor court can add to God’s definition any more that a chemist can change the components of water.  Water will always be 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  A judge or a governor or an attorney general cannot redefine marriage.  Marriage was defined by God when man and woman were created.  It will not change in 100 years or 400 years or ever.

Why are we addressing the issue of marriage at all?  It is because we, as a Nation, have become a people of self.  The new trinity is:  Me, Myself, and I.  We as a Nation are living in a “culture of vice.”  We have abandoned biblically-based morality for government ordained morality.  Government is replacing the reality of moral order and the anti-God Rainbow Army is the movement behind it. Man cannot redefine marriage or moral law.

There is a remnant of Christians and Jews who still believe that God created all, that He ordered all things, and His word – the Holy Bible – commands and instructs us on how to live moral lives.  The Bible tells about homosexuality in the Books of Genesis. Judges, Leviticus, Romans, and 1 Corinthians.  The Bible is 4,000+ years old; It Was, It Is,and It Will Be.

The Bible talks about the corruption of man’s mind.  Any president, any judge, any governor, any attorney general, anyone endorsing homosexual marriage as good, as normal, as moral, has a “corrupted mind” according to the Bible which says “they shall be given over to corrupt minds.”  The book of Romans says “men who suppress the truth…God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lust of their hearts to dishonor their bodies…God gave them up to their vile passages.”
Regardless of what the Court says, right will always be right; wrong will always be wrong.  Man cannot make immorality moral.
People either believe the Bible or they don’t.  Woe to the unbeliever


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