The ‘LGBTQ’ Product American Kids are Buying and How To Stop It

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Linda Harvey | Mission America

Your child attending public school in the U.S. now has a 1 in 4 chance of declaring an “LGBTQ” identity before the end of high school.

Do you see a problem with this? Perhaps you, like many Americans, accept the notion that some people are born homosexual. Or born in the wrong sex body. And that these identities/behaviors carry no inherent risks.

How about bisexual…is that inborn also? And gender queer or non-binary… are those also genetically determined?

If even a small part of you resists this notion, and doubts the conclusion that 25% of our population is not heterosexual or biologically male or female, then I ask you to read on and help me consider what we can do to change this deception.

First, let’s look at the background and research. The latest report from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control presents a disastrous picture.

It’s a survey of over 17,000 9th to 12th graders conducted every two years. The 2021 YRBS results are the latest released, and they reveal that nearly 25% of these high schoolers now claim to be “lesbian, gay, bisexual” or “unsure.”

Twenty-five percent.

Just for comparison purposes, the percentage of these identities in the 2015 survey was 11.2%. So the percentage more than doubled in the six years between the two surveys.

The “transgender” option was not a question, so those students drawn to this identity would probably be an additional 1% or so.

Ungodly, child-unfriendly voices in our culture and our schools can congratulate themselves for doing such a good job selling “LGBTQ” to our youth. It’s an enormous tragedy and we cannot yet know the extent of the damage to these young lives.

Too many of our kids are unfortunately buying what the radical left is selling.

I would like to share my heart with you. I have spent 20 years telling my audiences that this was going to happen. It was totally predictable, and so, so sad. These are real kids and We.Have.Betrayed.Them.

We started Mission America after learning in the 1990s how homosexuality was being packaged and sold to schoolchildren.  Back then, it showed up as the occasional questionable book or lesson, along with a smattering of East and West Coast schools hosting student “gay” clubs.

But my heart was and is outraged by the unspeakably evil manipulation of the most vulnerable pre-teen and early teen children to believe, wrongly, that exploring being “gay” or “lesbian” or “bisexual” or the opposite sex will cure their angst, their depression, their anxiety– their loneliness.

But callous activists saw an opportunity. The wicked NEA (I can’t say enough bad things about the selfish, depraved union) joined with child corrupting GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign (dedicated to leftist power) and other radical groups to mount a slow but steady victim-oriented school takeover, the hook being anti-bullying policies that labeled any objections to “LGBTQ” as hate speech, even violence.

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As the Obama administration assumed power, the deviance cartel enlisted the federal Department of Education under GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings to issue “guidance” pressuring local schools to classify objections about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” as a new working definition of sexual harassment under Title IX.  No law was passed authorizing this, but Obama did it anyway.

Obama ramped up the pressure for schools to embrace gender distortion by insisting through executive order in 2016 that boys should be permitted in girls’ restrooms. As many will recall, this became an explosive issue in North Carolina, then Georgia, with professional sports entering on the wrong side, backing a removal of privacy protections for girls.

Then the 2016 election came along and the Dems were ejected for a scant four years. Trump did issue a reversal of the “trans” bathroom policy, but the momentum was underway, and it’s hard to stop the leftist administrative state allied with government media, unions, Dem politicos and the activist mob army. So “LGBTQ” continued to take over policies and pedagogy in most U.S. public schools, claiming minority status akin to race.

Adolescence involves many innate stresses, and on top of this developmental reality common to all humans, many children today live in turbulent households. Add social media to the child’s life, including the platforming of insane voices, and online porn, and the opportunity to bypass parents and provide radical “solutions” to vulnerable students was not lost on activist teachers, librarians, counselors.

“You need to embrace your sexual orientation/your opposite gender identity” was the private message empowered schoolhouse adults give to countless unmoored children. When they turn to the homosexual club, or to the “trans” community, suddenly lonely/ lost kids have friends. Suddenly, they are accepted somewhere.

Children with a history of molestation or grooming by wicked adults, or who already have mental health challenges, are prime targets for these heartless adults. Today’s reality is that some children are marginally supervised and therefore optimal candidates for corruption. Single parent households with a parade of “friends” in and out of the house are the daily bread of too many kids who survive on a menu of trashed ideals and low expectations. They are extremely receptive to the “LGBTQ” identity message. And for young people of color, the marriage of racial politics to sexual anarchy provides two (or more) ready-made identities. 

If you are lost, you grab onto as many ropes as possible.

Looking back, as the sexual left began to mount more pressure on public education to normalize these behaviors, my alarm and that of many other conservatives began to rise. It was easy to see how this was going to go, and we have tried to warn people. Since no one is born this way– the research has fallen completely flat on this – we could see that the endorsement/normalization of these behaviors would draw in more and more impressionable children. That’s exactly what has happened.

And the “trans” issue came out of nowhere, its visibility in schools exploding after multiple gender clinics opened through funding from the Pritzker family, the Gill Foundation, the Arcus Foundation, and other leftist millionaires and billionaires along with Big Pharma. These clinics treating children popped up at reputable children’s hospitals to meet a manufactured “need”. But there was never an organic rationale for youth gender clinics. It’s the phony solution to a phony problem.

And in this same YRBS survey, non-heterosexual identities are correlated with higher risk behavior across many categories, another reason for ratcheting back the anti-heterosexual destructive trend.

What can we do? How do we stop the next generation from purchasing a poisonous product?

We stop selling it. Here’s what we can do:

1. Sponsor and support parental rights legislation (a la Florida) in your state to get “LGBTQ” sales messages, student clubs, lessons, pride flags, obscene books, and “LGBTQ”- promoting sex ed out of K-12 schools.

2. Pass measures at your local school board level to return language about gender and sexuality to reason and sanity. That includes removing pronoun tyranny–the mandated use of invented pronouns and names for students or staff.

3. Prohibit teacher training programs that promote “LGBTQ” behavior.

4. Urge state lawmakers to pass bills banning gender medical treatment for minor children and to hold schools/teachers accountable for counseling children behind their parents’ backs.

5. Mandate a return to biologically-based sports teams, restrooms and locker rooms in all schools.

6. Repeal school “non-discrimination” policies on sexual orientation/gender identity. They serve no genuine civil rights need. The people involved already have civil rights. They serve only as a sledgehammer to silence voices that warn against “LGBTQ” in schools.

7.  Welcome ex-homosexual and ex-transgender voices to provide information to interested students or staff.

Let’s join together to return to a climate free of corruption in our schools. We can do this! Let’s save our children.


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