Virginia Public Schools Will Now Allow Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms

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Mason Beasler

The public schools in Virginia have received new orders from the government, dictating how schools handle transgender students, as well as which bathrooms students are permitted to use. 

These new policies can be easily summarized as carte blanche. 

Students will have access to whichever bathroom matches the gender they assert they are. 

“Students should be allowed to use the [bathroom] that corresponds to their consistently asserted gender identity,” say the new guidelines.

Additionally, no verification or evidence of a gender transition is needed for any given student to access either restroom. In essence, a male student can decide one day that he’s a female, and the school has to let him in the girls’ room that day, no questions asked. 

The policy mandates that this allowance into the bathrooms of a different gender “does not necessarily require any substantiating evidence nor any required minimum duration of expressed gender identity.” 

And if any intelligent parents read these new guidelines and take issue with their daughters sharing a bathroom with boys, they should know that even the teachers are powerless to prevent it. 

School leadership is not allowed to interfere or even speak to the student about which restroom he/she should use. 

“It can be emotionally harmful,” the policy warns, “for a transgender student to be questioned regarding the use of restrooms and facilities. School staff should not confront students about their gender identity upon entry into the restroom.” (emphasis added) 

This forced allowance of boys in girls’ bathrooms should seem familiar to anyone who’s watched the news in the last five years. 

Target passed similar mandates for its shopping centers, permitting men in women’s’ facilities, which has, predictably, proven to be disastrous. 

In May of 2016, a male individual used his cell phone to record a female changing clothes in the girls’ changing room at a Target in Frisco, Texas. 

In July of 2016, a biological male recorded a video of an 18-year-old girl in a Target fitting room in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He admitted to police that he had made similar videos of women undressing in the past. 

Later that year, on September 1, this happened again when a man photographed a woman changing in the women’s facilities in a Dallas Target. 

Fast forward to 2020, when a 46-year-old Michigan man planted recording devices in a girls’ fitting room at a Target in Auburn Hills. 

There are undoubtedly more examples of this offense, but you get the picture. 

Giving all shoppers access to the women’s’ bathrooms has opened the door, literally, for all kinds of predators to victimize female shoppers. 

I’m not saying the public schools in Virginia are full of predators, but they are full of young, understandably immature students who need healthy boundaries to grow into healthy adults, not fewer restrictions or unhindered access to any room they wish to enter. 

The woke, politically correct agenda of the day has absolutely no regard for the above-mentioned victims. 

The same ideology that put Target shoppers at risk is now pushing for an all-access pass to girls’ bathrooms in public schools, through the guise of transgender inclusivity.

How many female students must fall prey to similar circumstances before someone stands up to the Virginia government? How far will the woke agenda reach into our schools before brave students and parents tell the authorities that enough is enough? 

I pray not far.


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