Virginia School Hosts “Sex Change” Assembly

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by Linda Wall

With pad and pen in hand, I sat down to watch the assembly on “sex changes” that occurred at George Mason High School prior to Christmas break. It was quite difficult to sit through the entire presentation. It actually made me sick to my stomach but the need to see it myself in order to share, kept me enduring through the ordeal to the end.

Please allow me to share with you some of the information pawned off on the students.

Twice at the beginning, the speaker’s “thank you for being here” was followed by “I know you had to attend.”

Mandatory participation has been the method of operation used by GLBT activists through the school systems to indoctrinate children into unnatural sexual behaviors. Years ago it began with homosexuality being promoted under the disguise of “safe schools, diversity training, and anti-bullying campaigns”. Now transgenderism is being normalized by the trending title of “progressive thinking”.

The thirty-minute assembly was packed with deception, misinformation, and seductive propaganda summed up in the speaker’s statement; “we all need to get comfortable with a new language”.

Key Points Made in the Presentation

  • “Your biggest sex organ is your brain. At six weeks old in the womb sex organs form but scientists believe it is at six months the brain is masculinized or feminized and one’s gender identity is set”
  • “Sex and gender are two separate things“
  • “There are four categories – biological sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation”
  • “The power of belief-be who you are. You can’t run from it.”
  • “Scientists have determined male and female brains are essentially identical although there are a couple of structures that work differently but not much”
  • “It’s like being black or white or right or left handed”

The speaker was introduced as the author of Becoming Nichole, The Transformation of an American Family. She shared some about her book on the boy who became a girl and even showed photographs of the individual. But it was easy to identify the objective of the event: to present a pro-transgender view to the students and convince them, “transgender” was just like them.

As a follower of Christ I have no confusion about transgender, “God created male and female” and that settles it. As a researcher, I know that it is impossible to change one’s sex. That DNA stamps out male or female and there are 65,000 genetic differences between male and female. As a former school teacher, I see it as a criminal act that public schools (paid for by taxpayer money) are allowed to brainwash students with lies sold as truth.

If “The Church” in America had not lost her way, would these types of events be happening in the schools? Would America be in the condition she is in?

You may view the entire assembly for yourself by clicking this link:

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About the Author

Linda Wall
Linda Wall For almost forty years Linda has been doing missionary work in Virginia. Her assignments have taken her down many political avenues: the Virginia General Assembly, political campaigns, lobbyist, and candidate for Virginia House of Delegates. Linda was delivered from homosexuality by the power of Jesus Christ over thirty-five years ago. She is presently calling for The Church to stand for righteousness and against sexual perversion in this hour. To be the light and salt Christ commanded us to be.