Homosexuals do not deserve discrimination protection.- Letter not published

deviant sex is not normal

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deviant sex is not normal


Recent T/D articles have referred to the Supreme Court deciding on LGBTQ job discrimination cases. Some liberal judges are ruling that sexual deviancy is protected by the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, even though that category is not listed along with race, sex, age, etc..

Attorney Karen Michael has written that Congress has failed to guarantee rights to that group. No, Congress has acted correctly in that they decided that sexual acts are not protected and are not included.

Why should a person whose primary self-identification is that of a sexual deviant be singled out to be protected?

Adulterers and fornicators don’t proudly identify themselves as such and don’t insist that the courts protect them as such. The courts are available for any acts inflicted on sexual deviants.

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Hopefully, the Supreme Court will not respond to the LGBTQ. Unlike the others whose conditions are fixed, self-sexual identify can be changed.

We need to thank the editors of the Times- Dispatch which welcomes expressions of all points of view for publishing this letter, even when they might differ from their own views. The homosexuals are very sensitive and easily get upset if anyone questions their status.

Greene Hollowell
Richmond, VA

The explanation for the rejection of the above letter

Several organizations and groups have changed our American culture so the majority of our voters ignores God’s laws and support evil. They are:

ACLU- anti-God agenda, Planned Parenthood- baby killers and sellers of parts, promoters of the sexual culture in public schools,

LGTBQ- homosexuals-sexual perverts,
Evolutionist- denies God’s involvement in the creation and the Democratic Party which supports all of the above in addition to socialism and welfare dependency.

Yes, there are other concerns, Communism, Islamic Jihadist, drugs, gambling, pornography, etc.

Dennis Prager said ‘the best-educated people in the West have both lacked wisdom and been the greatest supporters of evil ideologies and regimes.

” Makes me think of university professors and evolutionary scientist. But it goes on to include the government, media, and the billionaires.

But the Explanation for the rejection of the letter, it is the LGBTQ group that has an almost dominating power over the media that they cannot or will not print any news or opinions that are negative. It is the G & Q- the group known as gay, sodomites, homosexuals, unmentionables, and queers that are dominating.

They are the ones that brought on the AIDS epidemic and movement to reduce the legal age of children so they can engage them in their oral and anal sex.

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Greene Hollowell
Z. Greene Hollowell was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He graduated from NC State College in Construction in 1953. His claim to fame is he is the most cursed at man in the City of Richmond- by pro-abortionist passers-by because of his over 25 years of protesting and sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. Greene has authored a booklet YOUR CHOICE- Obedience to the 21 st Century Secular Culture OR God’s Holy Bible. This develops the main 7 thrusts of Virginia Christian Alliance. um.