We’re about to Abandon Traditional System of Money, Executive Order and Plans Unfolding

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Leo Hohmann

Could it be the same reason none want to talk about digital passports and killer injections?

Since I posted the article on March 30 about Pippa Malmgren’s bombshell statement at the World Government Summit on the coming global digital money system, I have been inundated with emails from worried readers.

They want to know what they should do to protect their assets in the face of such a dramatic change.

I have not been able to respond to all these emails so I will respond here. Ideally, these emails should be directed to your representatives in Congress, who actually have the ability to stop or slow down the rush toward a digital currency.

But instead, our senators and representatives, even those on the House and Senate banking and financial oversight committees, have remained silent on this issue.

I am not a professional investment adviser, so take this for what it’s worth.

  • Get out of debt.
  • Get large holdings of cash out of the banking system and only keep as much in there that you need to pay bills. In other words, do not use the banking system as a warehouse for your life’s savings.
  • Invest in hard assets that you can see and touch such as land, houses and precious metals, storable food, a good water purification system.
  • If there are any big ticket or even smaller items that you know you will need a year or two down the road, consider making those purchases now. Whether it’s a new vehicle or a pair of shoes, if you have the means to purchase those items now, then do it.
  • Start preparing now for a life off the grid without your cellphone.
  • Stop giving your money to useless Washington politicians just because some other useless politician told you to support them.

It should be evident by now that politicians are quickly becoming obsolete. They do not address key issues and don’t even like to talk about them until it’s too late. Even if they mean well and make nice-sounding promises, their authority has been neutered.

At this point, the only way to save the country would be to shut down entire federal agencies like the ATF, FBI, EPA, HUD, HHS, CDC, IRS and the Departments of Education and Energy. As long as those agencies exist and continue to accumulate power, this nation is doomed. We have seen how they can literally write new laws without ever passing them through Congress. This is tyranny.

With the exception of a really solid candidate on the state or local level, stop giving money to Washington politicians and take that money and invest it into individuals or groups that are actually telling the truth of what’s happening, waking people up, instructing in the appropriate actions to take.

One group I have donated to is Citizens for Free Speech headed by Patrick Wood.

“We are trying to tell people they need to fight for policy changes where they live,” Wood told me. “This whole operation over the last two years was meant to divide, isolate, and destroy your social skills. It’s time to reconnect with your neighbors and community.”

Everything we see on the news, all of the fear porn about war and famine, pandemics and cyber attacks, is designed to push us closer to the beast system spoken of in Revelation 13.

The Davos elites who attend meetings at the World Economic Forum, the World Government Summit and various U.N. working groups tell us they want to change the world. The question our politicians should be asking is, who are these people and what are the implications of the changes they are trying to force down our throats? What gives someone like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg the right to dictate change since they were not elected by anybody?

For anyone paying attention, it’s become obvious what these globalist elites want to see implemented: Digital global money. Digital global IDs for all people. Continuous injections of DNA-altering “vaccines” for all people.

We would appreciate your donation.

Why aren’t the politicians talking about this?

What more do they need to hear before they start to get curious?

Dr. Pippa Malmgren told the World Government Summit that “we are on the brink of abandoning the traditional system of money and accounting and introducing a new one…it means digital, it means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what is going on.”

This bombshell statement by Malmgren did not take place in a vacuum.

It took place at a time when at least 91 nations, according to the Atlantic Council, are developing digital, programmable currencies.

Joe Biden on March 9 issued an executive order demanding several federal agencies present him with a plan within 180 days for creating a new Fed-controlled digital dollar.

The plan is to drive these two fundamental transformations of society – digital money and digital IDs for all people – into place on the backs of a series of crises that will carry us straight into their one-world beast system. It’s a well-set trap.

These crises will continue to come in waves. If you look at what’s happening in China with the hard lockdown of its biggest city, Shanghai, it appears they are planning another “variant” to scare people into submission. Philadelphia on Monday became the first major U.S. city to reinstate its mask mandate. Dr. Fauci has been rolled back out to warn us that “Americans should be prepared for new Covid restrictions.”

The winds of war are blowing and the term “food rationing” is actually being uttered publicly for the first time since the Great Depression. Baby formula is already being rationed at Target, Walgreens, CVS and Kroger.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Biden and the rest of the Western puppet politicians are all suddenly talking about food shortages.

Between starvation and war, they will have the cover they need for the mass die off that the gene-therapy injections has already set in motion. If you don’t believe me, just check the numbers of all-cause mortality rates since the shots were introduced in 2021. They are off the charts for people aged 18 to 49 in the most vaccinated nations.

Once the transition to the beast system is complete, with nearly everyone accepting the QR code on their phones and later under their skin, the trap door will shut, leaving those inside without an escape route. They will be getting regular boosters which permanently alter their DNA.

If your DNA has been permanently altered are you still a member of the species known as homo sapiens? Comments and writings from WEF thinkers such as Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari indicate that you won’t be fully human but will be part of an all-new category of beings. In their eyes, you will be some kind of hybrid. A transhuman.

If you are no longer fully human, do you still qualify for the full slate of human rights? Will you have rights or will you just have privileges, depending on your social credit score? These are questions still in search of answers.

What we do know is this: The world has come under the spell of globalist technocrats and Luciferians who possess scientific knowledge that was not available 20 or 25 years ago. They have CRISPR gene editing and artificial intelligence at their disposal, making them more dangerous than the Nazi scientists. Those Nazi doctors did not have the ability to manipulate DNA sequences using A.I. and instruct the body to create synthetic spike proteins through mRNA injections. While equally evil, they were limited by their lack of understanding of these deeper mysteries of human physiology.

God will only allow this technology to be in the hands of these Luciferians for a short time. Satan knows his time to exploit these scientific discoveries is limited. That’s why things are moving so fast, and are likely to speed up even more.

As I stated in my March 22 article, we are in a calm before the storm. They are giving us a reprieve in the run-up to the elections. Don’t be fooled. They’re gearing up for another round of chaos and nonstop fear-driven news cycles.

As Forbes reported on Feb. 24, the system is already in place. As of Feb. 24 no less than 21 states were “on board,” Forbes said, to implement the universally recognized QR Code system that will verify everybody’s vaccination status and “allow” us to travel and enter public places. Nearly half of these 21 states are solid-red Republican states which have already adopted or are planning to adopt the SMART Card digital ID system, which goes on your smartphone so that the “authorities” can scan your QR Code and prove you have the correct number of shots before allowing you to enter Building X or Venue Z (fill in the blank, the options are endless).

Anyone who does not see where such a system is taking us, I’m sorry, but you have zero discernment and clearly have never read Revelation, or you read it and don’t believe it. The time for you to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is growing short. Please don’t waste it.

We have Pippa Malmgren’s statement to the World Government Summit.

We have Biden’s executive order from March 9.

We have the warnings about famine, war and cyber attacks.

This is no longer just speculation about the future. This is happening now. It’s in our faces. You know they are entering their implementation stage when they are talking openly about such things that previously were regarded as “conspiracy theory.”

And yet, all of our elected politicians, including those many of us consider to be the best, are sitting this one out. They are sitting on the sidelines talking about other issues that may also be important but do not have the potential to transform society overnight. Something as fundamental as an all-new money system.

Digital tyranny is being set up in state after state completely under the radar and they are silent. Where is DeSantis? Where is Trump? Where is Rand Paul? Jim Jordan? Ted Cruz? Anyone? Hello? Are you there? The silence is deafening.

What about you pastors? Are you paying attention? Why aren’t you alerting the people to this digital trap?

Unless we the people have the discernment that can only come from Jesus Christ, we will walk into their trap like sheep to the slaughter.


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