Christian Leaders: Speak Now, While You Can

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Christian Leaders:

Go to you can see where the candidates stand on many issues.

We need to get this information to your members to vote based on the issues compared to their own personal beliefs.

The election starts in Virginia on Sept 17 and ends on Nov 2, 2021, which may be your last chance to speak freely as a person of faith.

A well-known longtime Virginia Christian organization was recently sent a letter from their bank canceling all their accounts including VISA and checking.

In the letter, they said that there was nothing wrong with their credit but their organization did not meet the Bank’s standards. We heard that this is happening to several other major Christian Organizations all over the country as well.

How long before your church is canceled in this culture as well?

Read bill SB868 that would force all businesses and faith-based entities to comply with nondiscrimination policies regarding employment, housing, etc., based on LGBTQ or be subject to lawsuits and monetary penalties.  (What is your policy on hiring and teachers, what scripture will  you not teach to protect your church from lawsuits?)

The legislature repealed most legal support for a baby while still in their mother’s womb right to live to take their first breath HB980 SB733 (The most dangerous place for a baby is in a mother womb)

If you go to: Virginia Christian Action and download a Business Card  you can download a Business Card you can pass out in church. This has a QR code that will take your people to the Virginia Department of Elections website and allow them to Register to Vote, request an absentee ballot to vote from home, or look up where they can vote and who their candidates are. The other QR code takes them to our online Voter Guide.

Take these business cards and pass them out in church. You could have your people register to vote or request an absentee ballot right there in church on their own cell phone. You could show them how on the screen in front of your church. Have one of your members put a card on each car during service, so no one misses getting a card.

There is a detailed document that will give you most of the information you need on the whole process on our website at:

Christian, you were called for a time such as this. Now stand firm, and the LORD will direct your paths. We will win a nation and a world for HIM, the gospel, and for freedom!

Please forward to all your friends that live in Virginia.

Yours for a free Virginia:

Don Blake -Director Virginia Christian Action LLC

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