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A Short Reflection on Terry James’ Skywatch article “Alien Deception” – By Ed Wood

I just read Terry’s article “Alien Deception” in Skywatch that was featured at Rapture Ready on July 1, 2021. I think he has it absolutely right. I, too, would like to share some thoughts on this topic.

Right up front, since I consider the Bible as the most reliable witness of all, then intelligent entities are either:

A) God, the ultimate intelligence of all.

B ) Angels (good or evil)

C) Humans

Now if there really were sentient ET’s out there, I believe such a thing would be important enough to be mentioned in the Bible. I can’t think of a single instance of that, so that takes care of D), as far as I’m concerned.

Also, in the Bible, God or the angels never appear as coming to Earth in some kind of vehicle, though some people have considered Ezekiel’s exotic visions as UFO accounts. Seems to me more like a case of the prophet describe a vision of heaven which simply cannot encompassed by mere words. It is unreasonable to think that God or that angels sent by him need some kind of machinery to make an appearance. They just appear in a manner and at a time that’s the most appropriate when required.

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So, that leaves the source of UAP/UFO’s as either human or demonic.

In the first case, I think it’s possible that there is top-secret human-based research which could be the source of some of these sightings. I’ve seen the B2 in flight and, if I didn’t know humans built it, I sure wouldn’t exclude the possibility that it was extraterrestrial. 

If some of these weird sightings aren’t of human origin, then that leaves only the second case.

The Bible tells us that the Antichrist and False Prophet will tap into Satan’s dark treasure chest to help fool humanity during the Tribulation. We also know that when people play around with the occult, it opens them up to the works of the devil and his demonic allies – hence the biblical prohibitions against such activity. Since deception is Satan’s accustomed and biggest weapon, why not create the UAP/UFO phenomena we now see to lead people astray?

What does puzzle me is this:  Why has everything released to the public so far been such a lousy job of special effects? I have yet to see a really clear picture of a supposed alien spaceship or someone producing a piece of exotic hardware that could never have been made on Earth. Could such things be successfully hidden from the public for decades, at least?

I just done see how this sort of thing could be suppressed for this long. I mean, Nixon finally got caught concerning Watergate and this would be an exponentially bigger story. What about that recent report that just came out? Doesn’t seem to tell us much more than “Well, we don’t know what these things are.” It a   big “Much ado about nothing” deal, as I see it. It reminds me a lot of the current Covid-19 situation which has shown us just how many people can be led astray on pretty flimsy and contradictory “evidence.”

That being said, imagine how these same people would react if the devil decides to deliver up some serious “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” special effects in the days ahead. But maybe he can’t while believers are still around, his ability to do so being inhibited by the presence of the Holy Spirit which indwells them.

What about after the Rapture?

Using the Book of Revelation as our guide, it would not surprise me at all for something exactly like this to happen along with all the other false miracles the”Man of sin” and False Prophet will produce to make most of the human race fall on their knees before them.

Luckily, those of us who have accepted Jesus won’t be here for those last terrible years.

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