17 False Arguments of Atheists on God’s Creation

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In our support for God’s creation over Darwinian evolution we should first be aware of the type of false arguments used by atheists in their writings. I use atheist as the source of these arguments but theistic evolutionists believe in the same evolution. The only difference is atheists believe everything happened by chance while theistic evolutionists believe all evolution was directed by God. Every claim of evidence, or proof of macroevolution, is either misleading, irrelevant or false. Since the primary leaders in the evolution movement are atheists, they have no incentive to be limited by moral values.

270px-Nasa blue marbleEvolutionists frequently use false logic, misleading associations, and generally irrelevant issues in their false attempt to support macroevolution. If you are aware of these in advance it will be easier to recognize the false arguments presented. The first and probably the most important is the general refusal to clearly identify the difference between microevolution, a change within a species, and macroevolution a change to a higher species. Many times examples of microevolution are given without identifying them as such, in order to give the impression that evolution (meaning macroevolution) has been proven. Some of the more obvious examples of false logic used by evolutionists are listed below.

1. Guilt or praise by association: this is done by naming a common accepted fact and associating evolution with it, or by naming a proven false belief and associating creation with it, when neither have anything to do with the issue. Gravity and the cell theory is linked with evolution to give it credibility where there is no connection.

2. Claim ancient beliefs have been proven false and therefore the ancient belief of creation is also false. Earth once thought to be the center of the solar system. Later proven false therefore the belief in creation must also be false.

3. A red herring or side tracking an issue to something irrelevant to either support evolution or deny creation when there is no relation to the real issue. Claim that the scientific method of testing and evaluating can’t be done with creation therefore it is not science. Neither can macroevolution, referring to ancient fossils be tested. Evolutionists claim creation should be taught only in a comparative religions class. If religion is the issue, secular humanism, the basic support for evolution, has also been declared a religion by the Supreme Court.  

4. Reversing cause and effect. A known cause can be used to prove the effect. Rain as a cause can prove the ground is wet. It cannot be reversed. An effect cannot be used to prove a cause. Wet ground cannot be used to prove it rained. Frequently used by evolutionists when the cause could be creation by God just as well as by evolution. Homology, similar bone structures, the effect, is used to support evolution as the cause. but God could just as well have been the cause.

5. The old argument that creation is religion while evolution is science. They try to discredit creation immediately because supernatural is beyond the scope of science. Several evolution beliefs defy science and really both beliefs are just beliefs. Both are really historic science which is based on preconceived assumptions. Also The Supreme Court has declared secular humanism is also a religion.

6. The use of numbers to falsely imply it is evidence. Most scientists believe…as if truth can be determined by majority vote. There is solid evidence the National Academy of Sciences and the educational establishment is dominated by evolutionists.

7. The argument that many churches believe… doesn’t prove anything. They believe man’s word over God’s word. This is the greatest tragedy, that many churches have succumbed to the evolutionist’s belief that Genesis involved millions of years, and as a result are forced to reinterpret many parts of the Bible, while still claiming it is God’s word. This hypocritical action is not lost on most youth and results in many Christian youth leaving the church as they get older.

8. Evolutionists try to reduce creation to a scientific theory and then claim it can’t be proven. Creation is a Christian belief and not subject to scientific approval. If science could prove any of God’s miracles, they wouldn’t be miracles. A false argument since none of macroevolution can be proven.

9. Falsely use homology (animal similarities) to prove evolution. Same as #4 reversing cause and effect. Birds and dinos each have three toes doesn’t prove any evolution.

10. Falsely present ancient fossils claiming to support evolution. Nebraska Man, Piltdown man, Java Man, Peking man, Australopithecus, and Lucy. Vary from outright fraud to apes. Also an iDINO project by ICR to show soft tissue in dinosaur bones could not have survived millions of years.

11. Frequently use examples of microevolution, without identifying them as such, and then imply macroevolution has been proven. (peppered moth, Darwin’s finches,etc.) Fail to list a single proven example of macroevolution.

12. Assumptions cannot support a fact. Use many assumptions to claim it is a fact that earth is billions of years old. Many churches have accepted this atheist belief and use many novel interpretations of the Bible in an attempt to still believe God and the Bible. This is the most dangerous because it attacks the credibility of the Bible. Evolutionists must accept man’s word over God’s word.

13. It is a certainty that all of the evidence supporting evolution will fall into one or more of the above arguments. Why? Because there is not even one fact to prove macroevolution.

14. Evolutionists frequently defy their own scientific laws to support evolution. Biogenesis is the belief that all life comes from existing life. But evolutionists believe life started from non-life, but they don’t know how. Evolutionists defy the 2nd law of thermodynamics that everything tends to run down, and wear out. Evolution reverses this and claim all life increases in complexity.

15. Intelligent Design has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. And God would be the designer. At a recent court case involving ID, the proponents of ID refused to admit God would be the Designer and attempted to deny it was a religious concept. In addition the ID supporters lied under oath causing the judge to rule ID was religion and therefore illegal.

16. Natural selection is favored by evolutionists but it is a false issue. Natural selection is true for two reasons. It is based on survival of the fittest. This is circular reasoning. Who are the fittest? The ones who survive. Who are the survivors? The ones who are the fittest.  But this cannot possibly create a new species because it can only select from genetic information available, not introduce new information. Mutations would be required for new information and no favorable mutations are shown to have existed. And all efforts to manipulate genetic information have so far failed. Manipulation of the genetic code of fruit flies have resulted only in crippled flies.

17. The days of creation. The word day (yom in Hebrew) is used throughout the Bible. Its meaning can always be determined by the context and how it is used. Ken Ham gave an example: “In my father’s day it took 10 days to drive across the country driving only by day.” The first obviously a period of time in history, the second 24 hours and the third only daylight or part of a day. When day is used with morning and evening and the day is numbered, as in Genesis, in all of western literature since time began, it has always referred to a normal 24 hour day. Why then would anyone want to defy common usage, God’s word, and accept man’s word?

William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry

Bnowers1William (Bill) Nowers was born in Illinois and spent his childhood in Waukesha Wisconsin. He and his wife Millie reside at Lake of the Woods, Virginia. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in March 1999. They have six children and nine grandchildren.  He became interested in the Creation-Evolution controversy, becoming knowledgeable in the true facts through considerable books and videos which he has collected and studied. He taught a series on Creation during Sunday evening church services. He instigated a challenge and brought charges against a Fairfax County High School Biology textbook for its anti-Christian presentations.



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