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The authors of 2 of the most notorious, deadly theories/rulings predicted that if their assumptions proved false, their conclusions would collapse.

The first is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Charles Darwin said that if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ could not be formed by evolutionary methods, his theory would break down.* But he said he could find no such case. (If he believed the eye could come about by evolution, then DNA and other discoveries would not change his mind.)

The other is the Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade decision. Justice Harry Blackmun wrote the verdict would collapse if Personhood is established for the fetus.** Human life beginning at conception is a fact of basic biological science. (I believe Justice Blackmun would probably not change his mind, because he knew the truth when he wrote the opinion.)

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Why then are both still supported by the public?

In the case of evolution, most people do not believe the theory; they know a Creator has to be involved. But they feel like they cannot go against ‘science,’ so they accept or believe in “the unbelievable.”

A main key for support of evolution is that God is not involved, so you can live as you like, with no moral requirements. In the case of abortion, killing the baby has taken second place, because women want recreational sexual intercourse without the possible burden of rearing the child. This is of course supported by the sexually charged, irresponsible males.

Both evolution and abortion are responsible for millions of deaths, and the mindset of “survival of the fittest” and “man as an animal” have been responsible. Ours has become a coarse society, with widespread divorce, vulgarities and perverted sex. Already doctor-assisted suicide is legal in some states, paving the way for infanticide and euthanasia.

This is why we are informing, working and praying to stop the spread of these practices. – Greene Hollowell

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*Darwin Quotes, Google. **Section IX, Paragraph A

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