Meet Rev. Dean Nelson – Building Bridges with African-American Churches


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Bryan Fisher | Human Coalition

As a young man attending the University of Virginia, Dean Nelson had given little thought to abortion, until a conversation with a fellow Christian opened his eyes.

“A young woman asked for my opinion on abortion. At the time I was pretty ambivalent. Abortion was legal, so I figured there wasn’t much debate about it.”

Then the student asked him a question that would change the trajectory of his life. “I remember her saying to me, ‘Wasn’t slavery legal?’”

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That single question, in tandem with Dean’s growing relationship with the Lord, transformed his worldview. “I began to realize the abortion issue did not reside outside of my faith.”

Following graduation, as Dean became more involved in the political arena, the issue of abortion continued to resurface. “I soon realized there were many platforms to help raise awareness about the abortion crisis.”

“One thing led to another, and I ended up serving with organizations like Care Net, which eventually connected me with Human Coalition.”

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Dean Nelson is one of Virginia Christian Alliance’s founding board members.

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