“No one Born Gay” – Largest Study Ever Conducted Finds No Genetic Link

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How the “born gay” fiction changed social perception of homosexual behavior

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — There’s no such thing as a single “gay gene” that drives a person’s sexual behavior, concludes the largest genetic study ever conducted on the issue. Nearly half a million genetic profiles from the United States and the United Kingdom found no causality between genetics and same-sex attraction.

While LGBTQ advocacy groups have been pushing the “born this way” theory for decades, they are now left with no science to back up claims that have largely been accepted and mainstreamed in culture. Stephen Black is the author of his own study on homosexual behavior and change (The First Stone Ministries Effectiveness Survey Report). He says, “Many very educated people will posture and pose with obscure heady language to sow further confusion from both sides of the argument but the bottom line is that people change and that’s good news.”

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Black is an outspoken advocate for the possibility of change and the new study shows this to be possible – something most Christians have been saying all along. “This study of the genetics of sexual orientation revealed what has been known since the sequence mapping during The Human Genome Project (HGP) from 2003.  There is no ‘gay gene’ – no one is born gay.  It is not immutable” says Black.  “This is what I have personally known in coming out of homosexuality 37 years ago and in helping others in pastoral care find lasting freedom – this is a sin problem that corrupts humans, not a genetic problem without answers.” 

Black says the GWAS study of same-sex sexual behavior revealed the opposite of what those who having been pushing the “gay gene” narrative. “I have no doubt” says Black “gay advocates will also try to spin this to communicate that ‘conversion therapy’ – talk therapy to help people overcome homosexuality — is bad. Overall, however, he sees this as reinforcement for those who have all along claimed sexual addictions were genetic rather than symptomatic of choices. “When anyone engages in sexual immorality, it physically changes brain structure, not the other way around. No one is born gay” explains Black. 

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