Our Calling, Status, and Law

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I hope this article does two things. First, allowing you to examine something we know from a different perspective. The second to create some righteous anger, and an incentive to do something constructive with it. We are living in extraordinary times. The enemy has lied to us for so long we no longer see many of the lies. This must change. Consider this message a start.

Our Calling

A quick review. I’ve included references for those who aren’t familiar with this material. God is creation’s Creator. It belongs to him. He is therefore King. (Gen. 1) God made Man different from the rest of creation. God gave Man His image and likeness. (Gen. 1:26-7) This image and likeness enabled man to have a relationship with God. He gave man both dominion over the things of the earth (Gen. 1:28-30), and the responsibility for tending His garden. (Gen. 2:15-7) This dominion gave man authority over the things of the earth, and the responsibility to care for them as they still belonged to God. Man has stewardship over God’s creation.

God’s image and likeness also allow us to be His people. A nation of priestly kings. (1 Peter 2:9-10) This is who we are. Our calling is to become like our King—become good by doing good. (Gal. 6:8-10 for example) This requires knowing and doing as God has asked. This is our calling. We fulfill it in different ways as we’ve each been given different skills, abilities, understanding, and aptitudes.

He’s also given us freewill. We can refuse our calling, but God’s wish for us is to follow Him. Because He loves us.

Our Status

Here is where I want us to look at things from a different perspective. The outline above is only the beginning. Our creation, and the love underlying it, gives us our status. The act of God giving Man dominion and stewardship over the things of the earth is the beginning of all law. God created a trust with Himself as executor (Creator) and Man as the trustee (steward). We, as Adam’s descendants, are its beneficiaries.

Notice the act of creation came first. Our rights and obligations came through our innate nature and relationship with God inherent in that creation. Law came through the authority and responsibility He then gave Man. This is born out in how God is referred to in these same passages. Elohim created Man and gave him dominion. (Gen.1) Yahweh is God operating within his system of governance over His creation. It is Yahweh who gave Man life and put him into the garden to tend it. (Gen. 2)

These acts provides law’s source. One way to look at law is;

  • Land – Property, title, and rights
  • Air – Canon
  • Water – Commerce

The first, land, has to do with common law. The air with trusts and water contracts. These can be thought of in another way. Common law is about the things we possess. Trusts the things entrusted to us by another. And contracts over obligations we enter into with others.

Satan’s Meddling

Man lost his initial spiritual relationship with God in the garden when Adam and Eve rejected God’s words. (Gen. 3:1-7) Satan deceived. The Israelites later rejected God’s kingship by asking for a human king to be set over them. (1 Sam. 8:3-7) God gave man the powers of religion and governance. The first to understand God’s requirements toward Him and our fellow man. Basically, the natural rights and obligations we have toward both God and man. The second providing justice when someone violates those rights and obligations. Both intended to keep man on track as God’s standards are greater than any man can create for himself. But often, just like in the garden, man sometimes falls short of God’s way.

Force and Fraud

When man turns from God, he often tries to impose his will on others. Man often uses force or fraud in these efforts. Such efforts rely on deceit or power to subvert another person’s rights. Such paths are the ones Satan uses. The first century BC Roman leader Cicero, describes these ways of doing wrong as follows;

“Wrong may be done in two ways, either by force or by fraud, the latter seems to belong, as it were, to the fox, and the former to the lion, and neither to be congenial with man. Yet of the two, fraud is the most detestable. But of all forms of injustice, none is more heinous than that of the men who, while they practice fraud to the utmost of their ability, do it in such a way that they appear to be good men.”[1]


Compare the above to Machiavelli’s ideas on how governance should be conducted.

“There are two methods of fighting, one with laws, the other with force: the first one is proper to man, the second to beasts; but because the first one often does not suffice, one has to have recourse to the second….

‘Since a prince must know well how to use the nature of the beast, he must choose the fox and the lion from among them, for the lion cannot defend himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. It is therefore necessary to be a fox to recognize traps and a lion to frighten the wolves…. And if men were all good, this precept would not be good, but since they are sadly wicked and would not keep their word to you, you also do not have to keep it to them … the one who has known best how to use the fox has turned out best. But it is necessary to be able to color over this character well, and to be a great hypocrite and dissembler.”[2]

Machiavelli embraced rule through fraud and force. But this wasn’t new. It can be found in the writings of the Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. They held a pagan world view. One based upon following Baal in many forms. Sadly, as we will see, it is not much different today.

Items to Remember

Before closing this section, there are a few items we need to carry forward.

  • God’s law is superior law. Nothing created by man exceeds it. These consist of eternal, divine, and natural law.[3] Common law’s source is natural law. Therefore, it’s superior to contract law. The Bible is foundational to America’s law. In fact, the first four documents listed below mention God and/or Biblical ideas and principles.
  • Supreme law consists of America’s Declaration, Articles of Confederation, First Constitution, the NW Ordinance, and the various state constitutions and treaties.[4] The state constitutions and treaties lie below the first four documents in authority.
  • Common law concerns the activities within our private lives, and this occurs within God’s trust by giving Man dominion over the things of the earth. Trust law is therefore seen as superior to common law.
  • Our public actions concern commerce—contract law. These are intended for business, often in the form of a corporation. Courts have ruled any government taking a corporate form must comply with all its requirements. Corporations cannot make law. They can only create rules, codes, statutes, ordinances, etc. applying to its members.

Why Does This Matter?

We’ve now looked at some things we know from what I hope is a different perspective. Consider the Bible a trust document, and the lineages who its terms and conditions apply—including us. Isn’t this what a Biblical covenant is about? We’ve now come to the point to begin talking about some things I hope create a righteous anger, for the preceding has been corrupted in America. This article can only begin to lay out that case, but it is a start.

Our Federal Government

Our federal government is a mere corporation. Don’t believe that? From 28 U.S. Code § 3002, Item 15.[5]

The former federal corporation was the United States, Inc. I say former because it went through bankruptcy proceedings, with the bankruptcy finalized in January, 2021. But don’t worry. The current administration has created a new illegitimate corporation to take its place. I say illegitimate because the people didn’t authorize it or its use of delegated power. It’s called The White House Office, Inc. It has a Dun & Bradstreet number and, as of June 19, 2022, over 66,000 subsidiaries. These include: the federal departments, bureaus, agencies, and such; all fifty states; over 3,100 counties; and numerous municipalities and Non-Governmental agencies.

This corrupt enterprise has, through its actions, declared war on the people itself. However, as a corporation it cannot create law. It can only create rules, statutes, code, and ordinances for its members. All corporate membership is voluntary. Breaking that membership is possible, but way beyond this article’s scope.

America’s First Great Awakening occurred during the 1730’s. From it came our Founding Fathers and War for Independence. Pastors made this possible. America chose God, and we have a covenant with Him as a people. Just like the First Great Awakening, today’s pastors are being called again. Let me end with one example before closing.


Marriage is a covenant between a man, woman, and God. This is true from the very beginning. (Gen. 2:23-4) This relationship can be shown as;

This is the way it was within America up until about 1920. Churches performed marriages recorded within family Bibles. That was it.

I recently read an article about marriages today. An attorney, working in a marriage license bureau some years ago, describes the legal basis for today’s marriages as shown below.

Several things should stand out from this diagram.

  • Roman civil law provides marriage’s basis. It is a for profit state venture.
  • The contract joins both individuals through the state.
  • God is on a dotted line. He may be present, but is not officially considered. Just like a non-load bearing wall in an architectural diagram.
  • If the couple divorces, their connection at the diagram’s top is broken. But their connection to the state remains.
  • Children are the fruit of the venture and belong primarily to the state.[6]

The marriage ceremony must be solemnized by a secular official or deputized religious official, as long as the marriage license is returned to the state. In essence, the government has abrogated Biblical marriage. It is no wonder we have other marriage arrangements today. They are just contract parties, and the state decides who can contract.

This is an abomination. We’ve allowed foxes practicing deceit into our henhouse. So why do we continue to do it? I believe it is time to change such things.

What Can You Do?

The power has always rested within the people, but we must assert our power if others misuse that entrusted to them. The people created our government. We therefore control it. They’ve abused the dominion given to them, and we have the right to take our power back.

My purpose today is to educate you. We cannot take effective action if we don’t know what we are fighting against, or who. If you are angry, I hope you will channel such righteous anger into action. There is a Great Awakening event occurring in Virginia Beach on July 8 and 9. More information is available at https://timetofreeamerica.com/ .

To pastors. America’s people need to understand the things of God so they can assume their rightful place within God’s creation. The preceding was only one example. But before one can lead, they must either know or be on the path to learning. At the Great Awakening event mentioned above, there will also be a special track for pastors. Information on this track is available here. I urge you to consider this opportunity, and also consider this material as a first step in understanding why it matters and what you can do about it.



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