Unraveling the Origins Controversy


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David DeWitt talked about his book, Unraveling the Origins Controversy. The interview, part of Book TV’s college series, was recorded at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Unraveling the Origins Controversy answers many of the most challenging questions in the origins debate.  Scientist and author, Dr. David A. DeWitt clears up the confusion about creation and evolution by distinguishing fact from interpretation. He exposes the underlying assumptions and evidence on both sides of this contentious debate from a consistent Biblical worldview. Using scientific evidence and Scripture, he presents a positive, compelling case for a creation perspective.


Click here to view the interview http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/305330-10

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“The creation–evolution debate has been argued time and time again in forums throughout our society. With no end to this debate in sight, Christians need to be armed with the information necessary to uphold Biblical truths. Dr. DeWitt’s book, Unraveling the Origins Controversy, will give you the evidence and confidence to stand up for the Genesis account of creation in the face of an ever-growing wave of opposition.”  Read more Jonathan Falwell, Pastor


“I am not sure what I was expecting when I picked up Dr. David DeWitt’s bookUnraveling the Origins Controversy, but after reading the first few chapters, I was pleasantly surprised. I have read my fair share of creationist literature and expected similar content and style to other books on the same topic. However, I found this book to be particularly readable and engaging.”  Read more

Georgia Purdom, Ph.D., Scientist


“David DeWitt clearly elucidates the differences between empirical science and historical or forensic-science and exposes how evolutionists blur these distinctions to bolster their claims. He defines the assumptions used by both evolutionists and creationists and explains how these presuppositions impact the interpretation of the data. Unraveling the Origins Controversy definitely lives up to its name.”

L. Daniel Howell , Ph.D., Scientist


“I read a lot of books dealing with the creation/evolution controversy.  I can no more highly recommend any book than Dr. David DeWitt’s “Unraveling the Origins Controversy”.  Dr. DeWitt has the ability to communicate complex issues in a manner that even laymen like myself can understand.  I have honestly pulled more out of this book and added to my own presentations than any book that I can remember over the last few years.  Thanks David for your obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and helping to equip the saints to have an “answer” for the hope that lies within them.”

Carl Kerby, Christian Apologist

Unraveling the Origins Controversy

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