Nothing Can Stop What is Coming… Nothing.

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If you are looking at the world around us and really paying attention, you can see that the “powers that be” are well on their way to executing their plans. In fact, we hear the head of the UN say he believes their 2030 plans could be ready to go by 2023. Well ahead of schedule.

So let us break down the elements that are in motion:

Klaus Schwab – The Great Reset. According to Klaus, “the pandemic may not completely transform the world, but it is likely to accelerate many of the changes that were already taking place before it erupted.”

For those not familiar with Klaus, he is the Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Klaus goes on to say “It might thus provoke changes that would have seemed inconceivable before the pandemic struck, such as new forms of monetary policy like helicopter money (already a given), the reconsideration/recalibration of some of our social priorities and an augmented search for the common good as a policy objective, the notion of fairness acquiring political potency, radical welfare and taxation measures, and drastic geopolitical realignments.”

Lastly, Klaus sums it up like this ” You get the point: we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world, in a bid to make it a better and more resilient one as it emerges on the other side of this crisis.”

Now according to Klaus, the first peg to be moved within their plan of attack is the supply chain. Specifically, he indicated that the first noticeable effect taking shape will be with the automobile industry, electronics, and industrial machinery. I touched on this in my recent supply chain blog as we are seeing Ford and GM halt production, China now indicating that due to coal shortages, they will be reducing output via their industrial complex dealing with power outages. Yes folks, the squeeze is coming – very quickly. The fact that his book pointed that out and we are seeing it unfold tells us they are well underway at executing their plan.




Take a look at the globe above and you can see their plan of attack. This isn’t their list of worries, it is their punch list.

Okay – moving on. Now let’s talk economy as we have Janet Yellin appearing before the Senate where she has testified that if the United States did not increase its debt ceiling, the Fed did not have any solutions for recovery as they have pretty much depleted their ability to help. She further stated that if it wasn’t approved, the United States would default on its loan for the first time in history. What does that tell you? They can’t maintain this much longer and even the smallest of hiccups will cause this house of cards to tumble. That hiccup, could be from our supply issues or a new delta variant plandemic. Their plan is a one-world economy – one monetary system. In order for that to happen, the United States must collapse.

It’s not just United States centric however even though we see the shortages and price increases. Europe is also feeling the effects as they have recently reported a 235% increase in gasoline and a 500% increase in natural gas prices – just before winter hits. What are the odds? Food shortages are here as well. Just watch beef prices as farmers begin to get fined for each head of cattle and swine (part of a new bill pushing through Congress). Again, not just in America – the shortages are all over the globe. According to the UN, there is going to be an extreme food insecurity spike in 23 countries.

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Global Food Crisis.JPG

Onward and upward – Immigration. Four years ago we say the Kenyan create a false ISIL panic in the Middle East that sent massive waves of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe. Now we see Phase 2 with Flashbang – a massive push into the United States. It began with Central and South Americans, then a tremendous influx of Afghanis followed up with a sea of Haitians. Latest reports show another 60,000 Haitians inbound and another 50,000 Afghanis en-route over the coming weeks. You will note that “involuntary immigration” is the center point on the globe above. They are working to collapse the infrastructure in America – collapsing it from the inside out by putting a huge financial burden on the people.


Next up is the One World Religion approach and world peace. Trump set up a Middle East Peace Plan during his time in office that is still in effect, regardless of what the media may report or what Flashbang’s stance is on Israel. It is all safely under the Abraham Accord. Last week we saw the UAE provide their $540M project for the Abraham House, where for the first time in history, three religions will be under one roof. We also witnessed last week Iraq adding to the list of members joining the Abraham Accord which indicates that SOMEBODY out there is still working this whole thing. Don’t forget there is also a 7 Year plan recently introduced by the Pope that aligns with their Vision 2030 strategy.


Last up in a very limited list – the camps. As if we were back in 1938 Nazi Germany, I have never in my lifetime seen the amount of “shielding and detainee” facilities pop up around the world like we are seeing today. Yet, nobody even seems to be alarmed about it which I find shocking. Right now across just the United States, we have 33 facilities open for business. Each one opened up under the disguise of immigration or the pandemic. Then you have the massive one in Australia, conveniently located off of a runway, that is actually placing people in them in large numbers. There are actually documents by the CDC that show the plan for all of this here.

Camps .png

You see folks, the New Word Order is WELL underway in executing their plan and NOTHING is going to stop them. The reality, as I have pointed out many times, is that this can all be found in the Bible. Daniel 9:25-27 as well as Revelation 11-13 paints a picture of what is to come near-term. It isn’t rosey by any means, by just remember – God didn’t bring you this far to abandon you. I will also tell you that eventually David stood up after praying and reached into his pouch, pulling out a stone for his sling that would kill Goliath. That day is not far off, and Lord will be with us like a Mighty Warrior! (Jeremiah 20:11)

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