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What is the Great Reset and how is it hurtling society headlong towards a one-world government? Find out with Tim Moore and Nathan Jones on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

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Nathan Jones: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy!

You and I today are witnessing the rapid rise of the globalist agenda that’s been steadily hurtling society headlong towards a one-world government. The name of this nefarious movement is called “The Great Reset.” Well, maybe you’ve heard it spoken from the mouths of politicians, tech billionaires, environmentalists and rabid supporters of Socialism?

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Brandon Holthaus

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Billy Crone

Don Perkins

Well, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm, fundamentally changing the way people across the globe have been living, authoritarianism, aided by big government, tech, and pharma, has stripped away many of our God-given freedoms. Most would have to admit, life today is quite different than it was a mere two years ago, and the change is accelerating at a breathtaking pace.

Tim Moore: The Great Reset isn’t a surprise to God, though. Long foretold by the ancient prophets of old and by our Lord Jesus Christ, God revealed in the Bible that before the Messiah returns to vanquish evil and set up His thousand-year kingdom on this earth, Satan will be temporarily successful in conquering the world through his Antichrist.

Nathan Jones: And because this prophesied globalist empire is forming so quickly, Lamb & Lion Ministries felt the need to gather five experts who could provide a detailed explanation of just what The Great Reset is and where this spiritual battle is taking us all. We partnered with Billy Crone at Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas to hold The Great Reset Conference. And over the course of six one-hour sessions, Brandon Holthaus, Billy Crone, Don Perkins, Tim Moore and I explained the different facets of this diabolical agenda.

Tim Moore: In this episode of “Christ in Prophecy,” we are going to show you segments from their presentations. In the first segment, Brandon Holthaus, the pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California, answered the foundational question, “What is the Great Reset?”


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