“March on the Mansion for Righteousness and Justice!

Friday, February 15th 2019 12:21 Created on
Calling for an end to racism and infanticide and a call to return to values of Dr. Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass. Unity Rally and March for Righteousness and Justice calling for an end to racism, and infanticide and...
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Greene Hollowell 2012 150A

Letter to the Editor that the Times-Dispatch refused to Print

Monday, February 11th 2019 13:45 Created on
Originally published Monday, February 29th 2016 13:45 from Greene Hollowell To all friends; This is a Letter to the Editor, Richmond TIMES-DISPATCH, that they refused to print. Any article that is critical to the homosexuals will likely not be printed...
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How Planned Parenthood encourages unlimited, unrestricted abortion

Sunday, February 10th 2019 16:18 Created on
Carole NovielliLIVE ACTION Planned Parenthood, which receives half a billion from taxpayers annually, stands for unrestricted abortion on demand, including late-term abortion (or “later abortion,” as abortion advocates call it) such as measures recently highlighted out of New York and Virginia. How do we...
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How Sexual Deviancy is Destroying Our Nation

Saturday, February 9th 2019 6:38 Created on
Our military forces are dying by the thousands fighting to save us from the communist and Muslims, however, we citizens are destroying ourselves, our nation and our moral character by the millions because of our sexual misbehavior and our rejection...
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Commonwealth for Life: Capitol Grounds Thursday, Feb 7th

Wednesday, February 6th 2019 5:53 Created on
Rally with us and be a voice for the voiceless Thursday, February 7, @10am 1000 Bank Street, Richmond, Va 23219 PDF Commonwealth for Life Flyer PDF Commonwealth for Life Speaker List SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Press inquiries: Diana Shores Come...
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Former abortionist: Abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother

Wednesday, February 6th 2019 4:29 Created on
LIVE ACTION At the October 19, 2016, presidential debate, Hillary Clinton defended abortion in the third trimester. She claimed that abortions at these late stages are necessary to save the lives of women; therefore, abortion must remain legal. But former abortionist Dr....
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VCA Resource Library

  • Chuck Crismier

    Chuck Crismier

    Charles Crismier is Founder and President of Save America Ministries. He has often been called "A John the Baptist for our times."...

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  • Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf

    Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We ...

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